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Date: Monday, March 26 @ 18:02:50 CEST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (March 22, 2007) — Dometic Environmental Corp. is introducing an expanded series of all-electric auxiliary air conditioning solutions that run on 12 volt power from the truck's batteries.


The company made the announcement at the 36th annual Mid-America Trucking Show here today.

The new all-electric HVAC systems are designed to provide clean, quiet and cost-effective cooling and heating without the need for a separate diesel auxiliary power unit (APU).

“The all-electric systems meet the most stringent federal, state and local clean-air requirements,”  Lou Siegel, senior vice president, marketing and strategic business development, said. “Since no separate diesel engine is required, they are quieter, use no fuel and produce no exhaust emissions. The installed cost is considerably less than that of an APU-based system and maintenance costs are virtually eliminated.” ...........................>>

The Dometic all-electric package includes a 7,000 or 10,000 BTU split or self-contained air conditioning system, a DC-AC inverter, a high-capacity alternator and optional shorepower passthrough. The inverter converts the 12-volt battery output into 120 volt AC power to drive the air conditioner. The alternator, which replaces the existing engine-mounted alternator, keeps the batteries fully charged whenever the truck is running. The optional shorepower connection can recharge the batteries and run the air conditioner whenever an outside AC power hookup is available.

Siegel said Dometic’s patented split-system design consists of a condenser/fan unit mounted outside the truck and a compact evaporator/compressor/blower unit inside the vehicle, with quick-connect refrigerant linesets. He said the two units are both factory precharged with refrigerant, so that the entire system is automatically charged to the correct pressure when the linesets are connected.

The Dometic air conditioners can provide built-in electric heat, and can also be integrated with fossil-fuel heating systems for supplemental heat as needed.

“In addition to the all-electric solutions, we also offer a full range of self-contained and split air conditioning systems for use with conventional diesel APUs,”  Siegel said. “We also provide extensive factory engineering and technical support, as well as nationwide 24/7 service.”

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