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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are asking where’s the beef — as well as several missing hot tubs — after a bizarre series of thefts were linked to the same fake trucking company.

The RCMP is investigating after a truckload of beef valued at over $230,000 disappeared after leaving a meat-packing company in Brooks, Alberta, a small town near Calgary.

The truck was contracted to take the beef from the JBS meat plant to the U.S. on Aug. 30 but never arrived at its destination.

The RCMP said the truck had phony documents and is owned by a phony company called “Transport Pascal Charland,” which claims to be based in Quebec. The truck was burgundy and was pulling a white refrigerated trailer, investigators said.

Several days later, on Sept. 2, a truck operated by the same phony company made off with seven hot tubs in a separate heist from an Arctic Spas manufacturing site in Thorsby, a town about 205 miles to the northwest near Edmonton.

The RCMP does not know if the same truck was used in both heists. The truck in the hot tub heist was white and pulling a newer-looking trailer.

The description of the suspects from each heist varied some, police said. The suspect in the meat theft was described as a tall white male with a heavy build, short brown hair and slightly balding. Security camera footage showed his face was obscured by a surgical mask and was wearing jeans, a black T-shirt and a yellow fluorescent safety vest. The suspect in the hot tub heist was described as looking and dressing similarly but as short in stature.

Both the meat and the hot tubs remain unaccounted for, the RCMP said.