Tips for Moving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Even under normal circumstances, moving is stressful. Throw in a global pandemic to this equation, and the stress goes to a whole new level. Suddenly there are a lot of new fears, concerns, and questions. It is stifling!

Stifling but doable—with careful and thoughtful planning. All you need to do is master the dos and don’s and follow them skillfully. So, if you plan on moving soon, here are seven tips to help you move safely during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Wear Proper PPE

Ensure that everyone involved in the moving process wears the correct PPE – proper mask and gloves like Find out the safety guidelines followed by your moving company and what PPE they use while on site. Also, if you have family and friends helping, ensure that everyone has the right PPE on at all times.

This will help lower the risk of contamination and spread of the virus, consequently keeping everyone safe.

Focus on Communication

To ensure the safety of everyone involved, communication is key. Whether you are using a professional moving service or the help of family and friends, you need to communicate your expectations about safety precautions clearly. Be clear and intentional.

For example, suppose you need everyone involved to always keep their PPE on and sanitize every hour, ensure this is clearly communicated. Also, you will need to stay vigilant and ensure these rules are followed.

Packing and moving stuff is an intense job, and the people involved might forget to keep their masks on or sanitize their hands as they go. Keep a watchful eye and keep reminding them if need be.

Have Hand Sanitisers Ready, and Do Not Forget the Regular Soap

Hand sanitizers are very convenient and allow the movers to work much faster and more efficiently without the need to visit a washing station every so often. However, also ensure to have soap in the bathrooms and random wash stations for when the movers need to use the washroom or due to other emergencies.

Ensure you Thoroughly Disinfect and Sanitize

When packing to move (with COVID-19 or not), the first thing you usually do is to declutter by separating items to move, donate and throw out. But with covid, one more step is very crucial. Cleanliness!

Ensure that everything is well disinfected and sanitized and while at it, discuss with your moving company details about their COVID-19 safety guidelines. Ensure that the staff sent to your location are wearing proper PPE and the vehicles and moving supplies and well sanitized.

These precautions will help reduce the chances of the virus spreading.

Keep it Essential

Keep all visits as minimal as possible. If you have family or friends helping, try to limit the number of people coming in and out of your home. Also, plan to have most meetings with consultants online.

For example, do not schedule physical meetings with the movers or real estate agents unless it is absolutely necessary. Get all the documents and estimates online, and while at it, ask them to sign documents electronically. All this helps keep the virus spread to a minimum.

Pack Efficiently

Avoid overpacking. Before the moving day, take your time to declutter and move anything that is not essential to the ‘donation’ or ‘discard’ pile. This will ensure that you are moving with only essentials. Minimizing the number of packages on your move makes it lighter and faster and encourages minimal contact between you and the movers.

Also, ensure to order your packing materials online and avoid the risk of going to the store in person.

Unpack Carefully

This is the most crucial stage. Once you get to your new residence, you need to exercise high caution when unpacking. Remember that the packages have probably been through a few hands. Consider sanitizing both the packages and the home before you start to unpack.

Remember to wear gloves through this process as an extra precaution. Also, disinfect the items as you unpack and place them in your new home.


We are living in trying times and we might want to coil back and hide inside our homes forever. However, life must move on. So, if this is the time in your life where you need to move, maybe due to work commitment, to join family, or any other reason, do not fear. It is doable.

With the right planning and preparation, you can move safely and conveniently. Find moving companies on or on other websites. Follow the above tips to help you stay in control of the whole process.

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