Innovations in the Canadian trucking industry

The trucking industry is a crucial component of the economy in Canada, and while some people’s perceptions may be that it is not the most high-tech industry, this could all be changing. In fact, there are plenty of innovations that are transforming the day-to-day lives of truckers, improving safety and changing the way they operate.

Let’s dive into some innovations in the trucking industry.

Internet of Things’ impact on Canadian trucking

The Internet of Things, often shortened to the IoT, is definitely having a positive impact on Canadian trucking. Resulting in better fleet management, shipping and environment sensing allows fleets to move in more efficient ways, ultimately becoming more cost effective.

Using the IoT, linked to sensors on vehicles, shipping and trucking companies can track things such as load stability and even the fuel efficiency that a truck is getting, and share this data with those concerned. A cloud platform can also allow them to share information such as the exact location where freight is in the country, while it is being transported. The possibilities are far beyond this, as IoT sensors could allow for sharing of temperature on sensitive foods, and even any shock impacts.

Better rest stops

Truck stops are also improving and becoming more sophisticated. This can allow truckers to get better rest and generally improve their experience on the job. The companies running the stops are exploring new ways in which to make money and reinvest.

For example, a rest stop may have a place to go to eat, but also have entertainment options such as slot machines.

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Truck stops are really crucial and in Canada where the weather can turn rough, there are some fantastic people out there helping drivers through their working day, as this story shows.

Electric vehicles

No, they aren’t here yet, but there is every chance that in the future, trucks will be fully electric, and this has a number of environmental benefits. This isn’t specific to Canada but plenty of Canadian companies are being affected by this change.

Electric vehicles are the biggest innovation in transport in recent years and they are becoming more powerful. Pickup trucks are already operating across Canada, and we could see haulage follow.

Fuel efficiency and safety technology

Canadian Tire Corporation and NuPort Robotics Inc. have introduced some technology that is both fuel-efficient and focuses on the safety of drivers. A project is in full flow to utilise AI and adapt trailers with high-tech sensors – similar to those used on some electric cars – and a navigation system that can help with collision avoidance, among other things. This can also have a huge effect on fuel efficiency, something else the company is looking to optimise with their technological advancements.

Better communication

Through cloud data and a general improvement in the 4G and 5G networks, companies can enjoy better communication with their fleet. This isn’t just regarding actually talking to drivers, though – communication means data, too. This can help with safety issues and could even make it more likely that a Canadian trucker could get the help needed if they get caught in adverse weather conditions or even become stranded.

Truckers can keep in constant communication as required with their fleet, and this can also lead to better navigation. Updates on current issues with traffic, for example, could save a trucker hours of time and even help to keep them safer.

Some trucks may even have wifi onboard that the truckers can use if they wish. These innovations are not being specifically led by the trucking industry but can be put to good use.


Of course, we don’t know exactly what sort of innovations could be on the way to us in the coming years, but we do know that tech breakthroughs and new attitudes to trucking are leading to big investment. There are even advertising campaigns to try and make trucking, and the roles in the industry, appeal to a younger generation.

Trucking is not just about getting from A to B, and the rules and regulations around safety and fuel efficiency as well as the environmental impact are bound to be talking points that we see emerging in the near future. Innovation in this direction, that saves lives or helps the planet, can only be a good thing.