Try These Apps to entertain yourself during stops- as well as fight fatigue

If you like to go trucking for long journeys or work as a long-haul trucker, you will know the boredom that comes with stops. Whether you have to wait for your truck to be loaded, you’re in line for a fuel stop, or you’re even waiting for repairs, stops can be incredibly dull. There’s no one there to talk to, and all you’ve got is your phone with your bland emails. Well, there are actually some apps that are almost guaranteed to fight your boredom during stops, as well as keep you refreshed and feeling alive. Let’s take a look at the best apps to entertain yourself during stops, shall we?

Mr. Green

Mr. Green is an online casino app, and it’s simply fantastic. You’ll find hundreds of fun games to play while you’re stopping in your truck. There’s something for pretty much everyone too.

Want to play poker? Green King has you covered. Fancy some blackjack? Mr. Green can do that. Or, do you want to play an entirely new game that you’ve never heard of before? Well, this app can supply that too.

Mr. Green can provide hours of fun, and soon, you’ll be wishing that you have to take more truck stops- it really is that fun!

What’s more, Mr. Green will help you fight fatigue due to its exciting nature and potential for reward. Intense games like poker will put you into a focus mode that will keep you alert for hours. And other more light-hearted games will be so fun that you’ll be kept awake for hours playing them.

There really aren’t enough words for how great Mr. Green is. We highly recommend you check it out as soon as you have the chance.


If you want to entertain yourself while on a stop, and you love a movie or a series, then Netflix might just be for you.

Netflix is a streaming service that hosts thousands of movies and TV series that you can watch from anywhere. You can even download titles so that you can carry on watching, even if you lose your mobile phone signal.

Netflix is a great way to lose yourself in a new world while on a truck stop, and with so much bad news in the world, this can be a blessing. 

If you want to fight fatigue while you’re stopping in your truck, watch something action-packed. The bright visuals and big sound effects are sure to keep you awake and feeling fresh.


If you want to keep yourself entertained and grow your intellect at the same time, then picking up a chess app may be perfect for you. is a great app with many features and will allow you to play offline, an added bonus.

Chess is great for when you’re stopping in a truck for so many reasons. Firstly, it’ll keep you very focused. Chess is a challenging game, and it requires a lot of brainpower for you to play at your best. Losing yourself in a tough game will easily allow hours to pass like minutes.

Secondly, downloading a chess app will help you to broaden your mind. The difficulty of chess will help develop your lateral thinking and logic, which will help you with other everyday tasks down the line. So, downloading a chess app will kill two birds with one stone by entertaining you during stops and providing you with a new skill.


If you want to entertain yourself with endless audio, Spotify is the perfect app for you. Spotify will give you access to millions of artists and thousands of podcasts, guaranteed to keep you awake during your stops.

If you want to fight fatigue, listen to some high bass music. This will keep you up, and the sheer choice of music will help you stay immersed, helping the hours to pass by.

Alternatively, if you want to learn something new, or listen to different perspectives of your passions, try a podcast. Podcasts make it seem as if you have a room full of people to talk to, so they’re great tools for fighting boredom during stops.

So, here is our pick for the top apps you need to try during your stops to entertain yourself and fight fatigue. These apps will help you pass the time and keep you so interested that you won’t have time to get tired!