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Transport truck catches fire on Hwy. 427 in west Toronto
Trucking News
OPP say a transport truck caught on fire on the 427 in Etobicoke on Friday afternoon.

OPP say a transport truck caught on fire on the 427 in Etobicoke on Friday afternoon


Police say no one was injured after a transport truck became fully engulfed in flames on Highway 427 in Etobicoke Friday afternoon.

At around 2:30 p.m., Ontario Provincial Police said both the north and southbound express lanes between Dundas Street and The West Mall were closed as firefighters and other emergency responders were called in to tackle the blaze.

In a Periscope video posted from the scene during the cleanup, OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said no other vehicles were involved.

At around 3 p.m., the OPP said the southbound lanes had reopened, along with the left northbound express lane. Another left lane reopened before 4 p.m.

“The 427 is going to be a place to avoid until this mess gets cleaned up,” Schmidt said.


Source of article click here : Global News


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Canada Cartage buys Doyle Transportation
Trucking News

GUELPH, Ont. – Canada Cartage has announced its acquisition of Doyle Transportation.

Doyle provides dedicated fleet outsourcing, full truckload, and less than truckload services to customers, both domestically and cross-border.

The company has a 20,000 sq.-ft. facility in Guelph, which includes four cross-dock doors, warehouse space, and truck maintenance bays. Canada Cartage says it is bringing on all 60 Doyle Transportation employees.

The company said in a release the acquisition strengthens its service in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph areas while complementing its own southern Ontario terminal and warehouse network.

Source of article click here : Truck News

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Loblaw Adds Class 8 Electric Truck To Its Fleet In Canada
Trucking News

This story about a BYD Class 8 electric truck in Canada was first published by CleanTechnica

Canada’s largest retailer specializing in food and pharmaceuticals has unveiled a 53 foot, fully electric class 8 BYD truck that is the first in a transition of its company-owned fleet to electric vehicles.

The new semi truck is the first of many, as Loblaw announced a commitment to move its entire trucking fleet to electric vehicles. The trucks utilized by Loblaw are more complex than your average semi, as they utilize onboard hybrid refrigerated trailers that were actually demonstrated with the fully electric BYD truck as part of the unveiling. With Loblaw having such an extensive logistics and energy usage footprint, the move to fully electric vehicles in response to climate change could indicate a shift in company strategy that could result in further developments in the space but time will tell.

“As one of Canada’s largest energy users, given the size and scope of our retail network and supply chain, we know we have a critical role to play in helping Canada reach its carbon reduction targets,” said Rob Wiebe, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain, Loblaw Companies Limited. “We are committed to leading responsibly in this area, working with our partners like BYD for sustainable solutions to help our company, and our country, meet those goals.”

Loblaw has made firm commitments to reducing its carbon footprint 30% by 2030 with a specific commitment to reduce the intensity of transportation emissions to 0.087 gCO2 e/t-km, which are targets they will be held accountable to. It has also made it clear that it is looking to other technologies to reduce emissions across its supply chain, which nowadays often translates to financial savings — which is just good business. More and more, business as usual just isn’t good enough when it comes to energy usage, as there are just too many cleantech solutions out there that can help out a company’s bottom line, so clean technologies are almost required anymore just to stay competitive.

Development of fully electric class 8 trucks specifically have not taken off at the same pace as consumer vehicles, but the renewed competition in the space and the scale being driven by consumer electric vehicles and stationary storage products has driven prices of the lithium batteries that power them down as well.

Image Source: BNEF

While Tesla gets most of the press for its well branded and much hyped Gigafactories, Panasonic’s cumulative lithium battery production capacity was 8.5 GWh per year compared to BYD’s 16 GWh per year capacity as of Q1 2017 (Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance). Not only is that a telling tale of who the big players really are in plug-in vehicles, it shows just how much of a powerhouse BYD is in the new energy space. The same report notes that “demand for batteries from electric buses far outstripped that of other passenger vehicles in 2016,” which just so happens to be one of BYD’s core competencies.

Source of article click here : GAS2

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Western Star extends military veteran discount program into 2018
Trucking News

PORTLAND, Ore. – If you’re a Canadian or U.S. military veteran, Western Star and Daimler Truck Financial (DTF) has an early Christmas gift for you.

The company will be extending its Western Star VetStar Military Appreciation Program, which offers discounts of up to $3,000 for Canadian and $2,000 for U.S. customers on new trucks to military veterans.

The program launched this year and will continue through 2018, and matches down payments on new Western Star trucks that are financed through the DTF.

“We owe a tremendous debt to our armed forces members and veterans in the United States and Canada, and we can think of no better way to show our appreciation than to make it easier for them to start or upgrade their trucking businesses with the VetStar discount,” said Samantha Parlier, vice-president of marketing and product strategy, Western Star.

The program is offered with no limit per customer and can be used in conjunction with other programs.

Visit or call 1-866-850-7827 for more information.

Source of article click here : Truck News

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Highway 17 in northwestern Ontario closed west of Shabaqua
Trucking News
Provincial police investigating serious collision between two tractor trailers

Police say they are investigating a serious collision between two tractor trailers on the Trans-Canada Highway, 40 kilometres west of Shabaqua.

Police say they are investigating a serious collision between two tractor trailers on the Trans-Canada Highway, 40 kilometres west of Shabaqua.

Ontario Provincial Police are investigating a fatal collision involving two tractor trailers on Highway 17, between Shabaqua and Upsala, west of Thunder Bay.

Police have confirmed that two people died in the crash, which happened around 8:30 a.m. on the Trans-Canada Highway, approximately 40 kilometres west of Shabaqua. OPP said their identities are being withheld until the families are notified.

Officials said the highway is completely closed as of 4 p.m., Wednesday, however, Highway 11 through Atikokan is available as an alternate route.

It is not known when the stretch of Highway 17 will be re-opened. 

Officials are on-scene, and the investigation continues.

Source of article click here : CBC NEWS

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Fully loaded tanker trucks that exploded in Highway 400 pileup were 'bombs
Trucking News
At least 3 people were killed in the Tuesday night crash


A fatal, 14-vehicle pileup that killed at least three people and left Highway 400 about an hour north of Toronto littered with "tangled, twisted metal" may have been caused by an inattentive transport truck driver, police said Wednesday. 

The chain reaction of collisions started around 11:30 p.m. ET Tuesday, when a transport truck slammed into the back of another large truck that was stopped at the end of a long line of traffic in the northbound lanes. Two fully loaded tanker trucks, three other commercial vehicles and multiple cars were involved in the crash that ensued.

Immediately following the initial collision, a series of explosions sent fireballs into the night sky, witness video shows. 

"The vehicles are completely destroyed, melted into the asphalt," said Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the Ontario Provincial Police's highway safety division.

Early indications are that "potentially, an inattentive vehicle — potentially a fuel tanker approaching northbound to slow or stopped traffic, smashed into the back of the queued traffic," Schmidt said.

highway 400 crash

At least 14 vehicles were involved in the deadly collision late Tuesday on Highway 400 about an hour from downtown Toronto. (Kerry Schmidt/Twitter)

The tanker trucks essentially acted as "bombs on wheels," he continued. 

The three people who were killed have not been identified by police. Multiple other people were sent to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Last week, OPP commissioner J.V.N. (Vince) Hawkes warned that an increasing number of fatal collisions are being caused by distracted, tired or otherwise inattentive transport truck drivers. Between Jan. 1 and Oct. 15 of this year there have been more than 5,000 transport truck-related collisions, Hawkes noted. A total of 67 people have died in 56 collisions involving transport trucks so far in 2017, he said. Those numbers don't include the fatalities resulting from this accident. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Hawkes repeated his message about distracted driving, saying that it was a miracle that more people weren't killed. 

"There's really no excuse for that truck to continue down the highway at the speed that they did," he said. 

The stretch of Highway 400 between Highways 88 and 89, near Cookstown, Ont., remains closed in both directions and will likely not reopen until Thursday morning. Schmidt said the sheer devastation of the scene is making it difficult for investigators to do their work.

He said first responders thought it looked "almost like Armageddon."

"It's something I have never seen in my life ... absolutely catastrophic. Twisted, tangled metal, unrecognizable debris and sadly deceased people in those vehicles as we speak," he told reporters from the crash site. He added that the coroner will need help from the victims' next of kin to identify their remains.

"We are working with coroners and forensics to first get into the vehicles to find out what sort of remains are there, if any. We are not sure what is inside," said Schmidt.

About 40 minutes before the pileup, another three-car collision had slowed traffic on Highway 400 northbound. A driver involved in that incident has been charged with drinking and driving. Police and other emergency services who responded to the earlier collision were still at the crash scene when the pileup started about one kilometre down the road in the northbound lanes.

Robert Bianchi passed the first crash as he drove southbound down Highway 400. A few hundred metres after that , he saw a "huge" explosion.

"I'm still shaking. I can't believe what I saw," he told CBC Toronto. "So I just stepped on my brakes because I didn't want to pass by that fire."

Other drivers who stopped near the crash site ran from their vehicles as the blaze intensified, Bianchi added.

highway 400

Highway 400 is closed in both directions from Highway 88 to Highway 89 on Wednesday.

Vincent Di Pinto, another witness, had just left work at York University and was headed north on the highway when he saw "a large transport slam nose-first" into the back of another large truck that was transporting cars. 

"Basically the second vehicle, the white transport, had literally rode right up the vehicle transport," he said. 

"After that I heard some popping sounds, and then a loud explosion ... I got out and looked and it was just explosions, one explosion after another and orange flames that were starting to go up into the sky."

Di Pinto ended up speaking with the driver of one of the trucks involved. He said the driver seemed OK, but he was complaining about ear pain and seemed to be struggling to keep his balance.

"My understanding is by speaking to the driver of the diesel fuel vehicle that it was laden with fuel and it was just flames shooting out maybe 200 or 300-plus feet in the air," he said. 

The fire burned for nearly three hours before it was extinguished shortly after 2 a.m. by dozens of firefighters from eight different local services. 

Schmidt said Wednesday afternoon that investigators have determined molten aluminum has been leaking across the roadway, causing such severe damage that parts of it will have to repaved. There was also a significant spill of fuel that has leached down into the fields enveloping the highway.

Schmidt told CBC Toronto that investigators will consider human and environmental factors in trying to determine what caused the chain reaction crash. It appears, however, that conditions were fair when the first trucks collided.

"There were no environmental conditions I am aware of," Schmidt said. "It was cool but the road conditions were bare. Environmental conditions were clear."

The OPP is asking anyone who may have witnessed the crash to call its Aurora detachment with any information.

Source of article click here : CBC NEWS

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B.C. Truckers Association weighs in on how government should handle legal pot
Trucking News
File photo. The B.C. Truckers Association has some suggestions on what it would like to see in pot legislation.

File photo. The B.C. Truckers Association has some suggestions on what it would like to see in pot legislation.


The B.C. Trucking Association (BCTA) is weighing in with four recommendations on how it thinks the government should handle legalized marijuana.

President and CEO Louise Yako says the association is recommending the provincial and federal governments work together to provide a unified set of rules, and a timeline for implementation.

One recommendation is to modify the criminal code to include a cannabis impairment offence.


It also supports a zero-tolerance policy for ‘safety sensitive’ occupations, such as commercial drivers.

“To agree on a regulatory framework, to allow employers of workers in safety-sensitive occupations, to conduct random workplace drug and alcohol testing, and that’s to ensure both their safety and the safety of the driving public.”

Yako says the BCTA also wants to see a roadside testing protocol created.

British Columbians have until Wednesday, Nov. 1 to share their suggestions with the provincial government.

Non-medical cannabis is set to become legal in Canada by Canada Day 2018.

Source of article click here : Global News



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Top Fleet Employers nominations open
Trucking News

OTTAWA, ON – Trucking HR Canada has opened applications for its 5th annual Top Fleet Employers program, recognizing those that demonstrate superior human resources practices.

The program is open to any Canadian fleet, and identifies employers that meet a series of identified standards around recruitment and retention, compensation, lifestyle, employee engagement and communications, health and wellness, and professional development. There is no limit to the size or number of fleets that can be honored.

The selection process involves an online application, submitted documents, employee surveys, and follow-up interviews where required.

“Participating fleets are reaping the benefits of being recognized as leaders amongst their peers,” says Isabelle Hétu, director – programs and services. “This is critical for an industry that seeks to attract the skilled labor it needs and showcases the trucking and logistics sector as a great place to work."

Applications and online submissions will be accepted at until close of business on January 31, 2018.

Source of article click here : Today's Trucking

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CTA publishes video explaining changing shipper-carrier relations in an ELD worl
Trucking News

TORONTO, Ont.  – Mandatory Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) – coming into effect in the U.S. in December 2017 and in Canada shortly after – are changing carrier-shipper relations. As carriers gear up to comply with the rule, shippers need to consider the implications to their own businesses.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance has released a white board video and one-page infographic explaining the implications of ELDs on the shipper community. Specifically, the video describes how the supply chain has an obligation to reduce waiting time and ensure truck drivers’ time is spent driving rather than waiting to load and unload and customers’ facilities.

“Under an ELD mandate, hours of service rules are not a stop watch that can be halted and restarted,” said CTA president Stephen Laskowski. “The entire supply chain coming under the microscope. Pushing carriers and drivers to bend compliance is no longer an option.”

Carriers are encouraged to share the video and infographic with their supply chain partners and customers.

“We’re hopeful this commons sense message will help all parties to become more flexible and fulfill their responsibility to create a safe supply chain in an ELD world,” says Laskowski.

CTA anticipates Canada will publish its own ELD proposal later this fall.

Source of article click here : Truck News

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STA 80th awards banquet has glitz and glamour
Trucking News

REGINA, SK – The Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA) celebrated its 80th anniversary Saturday with a gala dinner featuring the gilded glamour of the year it was founded – 1937.

In a banquet hall adorned with twinkle lights the association honored its members who have shown exemplary service.

Scholarships were given to students entering post-secondary with connections to the industry. The top award of $3,000 went to Dylan Mcleod.

Mcleod wasn’t the only young person receiving accolades during the evening. At just 29-years-old Kristin Finch was given the Driver of the Year award.

Finch is a nine-year veteran of the industry, who started driving because of her dad. The pair now drive as team for Kindersley Transport group, hauling all over Canada.

“I’d never been outside of Saskatchewan before truck driving,” Finch said.

The Service to Industry Award was given to a woman for the first time in the STA’s eight decades.

After trying other careers, including service with the military, Brenda Cuthbert started a career in trucking by applying for a human resources position that set her on the path to a lifetime of service to the industry.

Cuthbert works with Trucking HR Canada to help their Women with Drive initiative to get more women involved in the industry. She was also named Leader of the Year for 2017.

Cuthbert works with Siemens Transportation Group.

The Dispatcher of the Year award was given to Ian Brown.

Source of article click here : Today's Trucking

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Long-haul trucker wants drivers to be more careful after close call on Highway 1
Trucking News
Trucker Paul Beauregard captured footage of another truck swerving into his lane and hitting him on Highway 11 near Kapuskasing.

It doesn't take much for a road accident to become fatal. Paul Beauregard has been driving across the country for 9 years. After a recent close call, he's warning drivers to be cautious on the roads. 3:31

A long-haul truck driver wants people to stay safe on the road this winter after he experienced a close call this week on Highway 11.

Paul Beauregard said he was driving east of Kapuskasing when he was side-swiped by a passing truck.

Beauregard said the truck was tailgating another vehicle and swerved into his lane, clipping his side mirror.

Paul Beauregard has been a long-haul truck driver for nine years.

He said the incident left him shaken — and thankful to be alive.

"I know with experience from what I've seen on the road over the last nine years, what a truck trailer, a semi-trailer can do, the kind of damage it can cause," he said.

"I could've got killed."

He said drivers need to be cautious when travelling in poor conditions.

"If you're driving in that kind of weather and you're anxious, you're nervous, you're better off stopping, taking a break. Go get a coffee, walk around," he said.

"A nervous, anxious driver in bad weather is a dangerous driver."

Beauregard also encouraged drivers to slow down, keep a safe distance from other vehicles and be cautious when passing.

Source of article click here : CBC NEWS

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Alberta truck driver recounts having truck commandeered, being held at gunpoint
Trucking News
‘You have two choices: I drive or you drive’

Robert Price, left, has been driving trucks since he was 13.

Robert Price, left, has been driving trucks since he was 13.

Robert Price, of Grande Cache, Alta., was taking a break during a routine trip, hauling lumber through B.C. on Nov. 6, when a man approached the driver's side window of his semi-truck.

"I rolled my window down a bit and he said he needed a drive out of there," Price said.

When Price, who is unlikely to pick up a hitchhiker, ignored him, the man pulled out a gun and said "you have two choices: I drive or you drive."

David Lee Chappell, 33, is facing kidnapping and firearms charges after he hijacked Price's truck and demanded he drive him away.

Price said there was little conversation between him and Chappell as they drove down Highway 5. Price told Chappell he was headed to Abbotsford, but Chappell never said where he needed to go. 

RCMP knew Chappell was in the vehicle and managed to reach Price's boss in Grande Cache, who was able to contact Price on his cell phone.

The police were waiting for the truck near the Kamloops weigh scales. As Price approached the scales, he said Chappell was asleep.

As Price weighed his truck, he made a comment to his boss that something was wrong at the back of the truck.

"I gotta jump out for a minute," he said.

Price said he casually exited the truck and headed towards the back, where police were waiting for him.

RCMP tried to coax Chappell from the truck. When he tried to drive away, he ran the truck off the road: an act that not only left Price with costly repairs, but also deprived him of his working vehicle until those fixes can be carried out. 

Chappell is facing kidnapping and firearm charges.

He​ has a prior criminal record, including a charge of resisting arrest in Surrey in March 2017.

Source of article click here : CBC NEWS

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Wabash Canada maintenance branded GoRight
Trucking News

KITCHENER, ON – Wabash Canada, the Eastern Canada dealership for Wabash National semi-trailers, is branding its growing fleet maintenance business as GoRight.

GoRight will support any make of trailer as well as other types of assets.

“Our GoRight brand better represents the diverse products we maintain for our customers, supporting our growth and our vision for fleet maintenance management service in the future,” said Brent Larson, Chief Executive Officer and managing director – Wabash Canada and GoRight.

Wabash Canada was established in 2005, and has a head office in Kitchener, Ontario, along with locations in Mississauga, Pickering, Montreal, and the Maritimes.

Source of article click here : Today;s Trucking

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Kriska gives young hero a truck
Trucking News
Ickroop Mangat with his new Kriska Truck

Ickroop Mangat with his new Kriska Truck

TORONTO, ON – The smoke pouring into the truck was thick and there were just moments to act when Ickroop Mangat, just 23-years-old, and his trainer Dave* were involved in a multi-vehicle collision during a sudden, zero-viability snowstorm outside Montreal last Winter.

The new driver for Kriska Transportation acted in a heartbeat, kicking in the driver’s side window and crawling out of the cab before helping his instructor out behind him. Panicked and on fire, the instructor ran from the truck, but Mangat tackled him to the ground, practicing the ‘stop, drop, and roll’ method to put out the flames and save the man’s life.

His actions on that day earned Mangat the Bridgestone-Ontario Trucking Association Truck Hero Award at their annual conference last week, but Mangat says he’s no hero.

“I was thinking ‘I don’t want to die in a truck, and Dave doesn’t either,’” he said. “Never leave a man behind.”

What for one man was a natural reaction, OTA president Stephen Laskowski, is calling extraordinary courage.

“His actions shine a light on all the professional drivers who put their own lives on the line to help those in need,” he said.

Although Mangat graduated from a mechanical engineering program, he says he is proud to drive for the company his father drives for.

Mangat spent childhood weekends in the shop with his dad and brother, helping to fix and wash the trucks. Now his dream is to be an owner-operator.

Mangat had plans to buy his own truck in another year, but Mark Seymour, president and CEO of Kriska, was happy to make that dream a reality much sooner for the young hero.

“He could be anything, but he just wants to drive a truck like his dad,” he said. “We need more people like Ickroop.”

Kriska gave Mangat a truck to call his own in a ceremony held at the company on Friday.

With work done by Tallman Truck Group, the 2013 International truck with a brand new Maxxforce D14 engine, was made shiny and new before the keys were handed over.

Kriska Truck

Kriska Truck

The 13-liter, 475 horsepower engine has just 40 miles on it, but that wasn’t the only upgrade the Kriska truck received. With a new coat of paint, upgrades to the interior, and an all-new chrome package, the truck only needed a big bow before it was ready for the company’s presentation.

Mangat says the truck is similar to what he drives with the company now, but without the chrome – now his favorite part.

Speechless when Seymour handed him the keys – the first time in the company’s history they’ve given a driver a truck -  Mangat said he couldn’t be more grateful, and plans to drive with Kriska for a long time.

“I’ve got my father here, and a good company behind me, what more could I want,” he said.

Source of article click here :Today's Trucking

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Police warn against eating lobsters stolen after New Brunswick truck crash
Trucking News

BLACKVILLE, N.B. — Lobsters stolen after a New Brunswick truck crash may not quite be the lucrative find thieves thought.

Police are warning people not to eat them, saying they were contaminated with diesel fuel and are not fit for human consumption.

The lobsters were spilled after a transport truck overturned on Highway 8 around 2 a.m. Tuesday near Blackville.

Police say a number of them were stolen before officers arrived.

The truck’s driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries and released.

Police are investigating the crash.

Source of article click here : National Post

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Highway 401 triple commercial truck collision kills one
Trucking News
Two transport trucks and a dump truck involved in a fatal crash on Hwy. 401 at Cedar Creek on...

Two transport trucks and a dump truck involved in a fatal crash on Hwy. 401 at Cedar Creek on Friday, Oct. 27,

CAMBRIDGE, Ont. — A 59-year-old man is dead after a collision involving three commercial trucks on Ontario’s busiest highway.

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said the crash took place Friday morning on a stretch of Highway 401 near Cambridge, Ont.

He said the collision involved two transport trucks and a dump truck.

It appeared one transport truck ran into the back of another, pushing it into the dump truck, which had slowed because of traffic in the area, Schmidt said.

Two transport trucks and a dump truck involved in a fatal crash on Hwy. 401 at Cedar Creek on Friday, Oct. 27, 2017.

The driver of one of the transport trucks, who was trapped in his vehicle and had to be extricated, was pronounced dead at the scene, Schmidt said. He was later identified as Abdual Waheed of Ajax, Ont.

“Absolutely devastating seeing this kind of trauma,” Schmidt said at the scene of Friday’s collision. “Apparently traffic was moving slowly prior to the collision taking place.”

The collision comes a day after provincial police announced they were putting commercial truck drivers “on notice” in the wake of three crashes involving large trucks that claimed a total of six lives.

OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes had announced Thursday that three drivers had been charged after their trucks allegedly crashed into traffic that was stopped or had slowed down due to road construction or a collision.

Two transport trucks and a dump truck involved in a fatal crash on Hwy. 401 at Cedar Creek on Friday, Oct. 27, 2017.

Two of those collisions occurred on Highway 401, one near Port Hope, Ont., on Aug. 3, and the other in Chatham-Kent, Ont., on July 30. The third occurred on Highway 48 in Georgina, Ont., on July 27.

The Ontario Trucking Association said Friday that the industry’s commitment to road safety is at an all-time high.

Between 1995 and 2014 there was a 66 per cent decline in the fatality rate from large truck collisions, while at the same time large truck vehicle registrations have increased by 75 per cent, it said in a release.

“Our industry is committed to safety. The stats reflect that as do the actions of the vast majority of the professional operators on Ontario’s highways,” said OTA president Stephen Laskowski.

The OTA is part of an upcoming working group with the Ministry of Transportation and the OPP to develop strategies to reduce distracted and aggressive driving, the association said.

Source of article click here : Canoe News


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Work underway to improve truck parking in Southern Ontario
Trucking News

TORONTO, Ont. — A study into truck parking and rest stops in Southern Ontario is underway and the findings could lead to the improved availability and quality of truck stops along major highways.

SPR Associates, a research and consulting firm in Toronto, was chosen by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to conduct the three-pronged study that involves consultations with Canadian trucking associations, a survey with more than 1,000 truck drivers, and a detailed analysis by traffic engineering experts.

Unsurprisingly, truck parking and rest stop quality has been an issue for truck drivers across the country, especially in Southern Ontario. Commercial drivers have groaned about the lack of safe and adequate parking in the province for years. And it’s only been getting worse over time as many formerly privately-owned stations have permanently closed, like the Fifth Wheel truck stops in Bowmanville, Milton, Grimsby, and Dorchester, Ont.

In late 2016, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) estimated that drivers spent about one hour of drive time on average per day to look for parking – totalling US$4,600 in lost wages annually because of the truck parking shortage.

According to SPR Associates consultant Ted Harvey, the study hopes to find details of the inadequate truck parking and rest stops in the southern part of the province and recommend improvements to the MTO.

“Because of all the truck stops closing and the increasing enforcement on the hours-of-service regulations, drivers are caught between a rock and hard place,” he said. “Lack of parking has also been to blame for instances of fatigue which is a public safety issue.”

The study began in August, and findings are scheduled to be released in April 2018.

The first part of the study involves consultations with key trucking associations in London, Toronto, and Ottawa in October to help identify and brainstorm ways to address the shortage of truck parking.

So far, SPR said it has gained support from the Ontario Trucking Association, the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada, the Owner-Operator’s Business Association of Canada, Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada, the British Columbia Trucking Association and the Alberta Motor Transport Association.

The study will also include a major survey of drivers who frequently travel along the major highways in Southern Ontario.

“Our survey is going to ask truckers to identify specific zones on Ontario highways where parking is especially insufficient and to recommend ways to improve that,” Harvey explained, saying the hope is to gain feedback from more than 1,000 drivers.

The survey is set to roll out online from November to February, and Harvey said the goal is to reach drivers through reputable longhaul trucking companies and members of the various provincial partner associations. Drivers do not need to live and work in the Southern Ontario area, Harvey clarified saying, “We want to hear from drivers who use Southern Ontario highways. They can come from Quebec, Western or Eastern Canada or the U.S., but we want to make sure they use the Southern Ontario highways frequently.”

The final part of the study is having traffic engineering experts tally up all adequate truck stop and parking spaces in Southern Ontario since, Harvey said, there is no definitive list or inventory of how many stops there are in the province, and what services those rest stops provide.

In the end, Harvey said that so far everything is scheduled to go according to plan with the study being concluded and findings to be released in April 2018. He is hopeful the study will provide the relief many in the trucking industry are all too familiar with.

“Truck drivers are important to us since their work is critical to the economy,” he said. “We are hoping our work or survey will help to identify specific areas where parking shortages are greatest and recommend to the ministry how we can alleviate them.”

Source of article click here : Truck News

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Transtex acquires RM2J
Trucking News

MONTREAL, ON – Canadian aerodynamic solutions company Transtex announced the acquisition of fleet safety technology company RM2J, yesterday.

The transaction, completed in July, represents a strategic opportunity for Transtex, the company said in a release.

The acquired technologies will provide products that increase fuel savings while reducing speeds for improved security, Transtex said.

CEO Mathieu Boivin said Transtex was happy to find RM2J, whose advances will help to continue a pattern of growth through technological innovation for the company.

“We were amongst the first to have skirts patented ten years ago. More recently, we have been exploring opportunities in the technology sector ­— namely the IoT [Internet of Things] — that will drive market growth and allow us to continue evolving within this industry,” he said.

The Internet of Things is the name given to everyday objects that connect to each other and the internet to create an increasingly automated world.

Transtex says the E-Smartdriver, a real-time driver management system that comes with the acquisition, is a fleet management solution that will bridge the gap between future autonomous truck technology and today’s equipment.

Using GPS technology, the E-Smartdriver system accurately determines a driver's location in real time and caps the maximum speed that the vehicle can attain in a posted speed zone.

"We are very pleased and proud to be joining Transtex," said Jean Poulin, President at RM2J. "Their product mix and business model is a perfect strategic complement to the E-Smartdriver system.”

Source of article click here : Today's Trucking

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Carriers in Regina met with safety blitz
Trucking News
STA support safety effort, creates new membership category for vocational members

REGINA, Sask. – A recent inspection blitz within the city of Regina resulted in 22 of 42 commercial vehicles being placed out-of-service, with even more failing the examination.

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA) said it supports these types of inspections and wishes they would occur more in the province, citing a lack of enforcement as a major issue in Saskatchewan and a concern raised by its membership on multiple occasions.

To help educate carriers that haul within a 160 km-radius a weigh less than 11,794 kg, the STA has created a membership category for vocational vehicles, such as gravel haulers, refuse companies, and courier trucks, which until this year were unable to gain membership status with the association.

“We have now opened up the membership to those companies with the goal of increasing compliance, training, and education,” said STA executive director Susan Ewart, pointing out that it is up to each individual company to be in compliance. “The reality is that the while the STA is the voice of truck transport in Saskatchewan, we work for the members. Companies that chose to operate outside of the membership do so without the guidance and benefit of membership and we have no control over that.”

The September safety blitz in Regina was conducted by the Regina Police Service and Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) and focused on several aspects, including weight, dimensions, proper permits, and safety certificates. The two organizations will collaborate to conduct additional inspections within the city starting today (Oct. 30) and continue sporadically over the next year.

The STA said a provincial committee called the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) is a five-year program that was created to help reduce traffic deaths and injuries. The program identified targeted enforcement within Regina was needed, which resulted in the commercial vehicle blitz.

Because the majority of trucks targeted were below the 11,794 kg mark and remained within a 160 km-radius of their home base, the STA said they did not require a Safety Fitness Certificate, which includes a National Safety Code (NSC) number, and were not subject to the NSC Standard 11 – Maintenance and Periodic Inspection Standards.

“The STA membership is well educated on their safety responsibilities as trucking companies,” Ewart said. “Commercial, non-NSC number holding companies with trucks weighing less than 11,794 kg may not be as aware of those requirements.”

To support its efforts to increase commercial vehicle enforcement in the province, the STA recently submitted a letter to the Ministry of Justice addressing the proposed use of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) officers as first responders in rural areas.

“Companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to recruit, train, and educate safe, professional drivers and maintain fleets of safe vehicles that meet regulatory standards,” Ewart said. “Less enforcement on Saskatchewan highways takes the benefit of doing so away from law-abiding transport companies and gives unsafe, non-compliant companies the upper hand and contributes to the more rapid disintegration of Saskatchewan’s roadways.”

Source of article click here : Truck News

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One dead after car collides with transport truck in Brampton
Trucking News

One person is dead after a car collided with a tractor-trailer in Brampton early this morning.

Police say an Acura was headed southbound on Airport Road shortly before 5:30 a.m. when it rear-ended a transport truck, which was stopped at Intermodal Drive at a red light.

The male driver of the car was pronounced dead following the collision and police say he was the lone occupant of the vehicle.

The victim’s name and age have not yet been released as police are still working to notify next-of-kin.

The coroner and Peel Regional Police's collision reconstruction unit are on scene looking into the cause of the deadly crash.

"As you can see it is significant damage, pretty destructive," Sgt. Josh Colley said.

"Speed will definitely be one of the things that the investigators will be looking at as well as any road conditions and anything else they can find out in the investigation."

Police are also asking anyone who may have witnessed the collision to come forward.

“If anyone has seen the incident take place, might have some dashboard or any other video footage available, please contact the major collision bureau with that information,” Const. Lori Murphy told CP24 early Tuesday morning.

Roads are shut down in the area for the police investigation.

Source of article click here : CP24

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