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Nikola, Bosch team up on truck development
Trucking News

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Nikola has announced an update to its electric truck project, claiming it will be entering production by 2021 with two Class 8 hydrogen-electric truck models.

The company says the Nikola One and Nikola Two will offer more than 1,000 hp and 2,000 lb.-ft. of torque, with zero local emissions. It has partnered with Bosch to develop an eAxle, to speed up the process of bringing the truck to market.

“Bosch is an incubator of electro-mobility solutions. No matter whether at established OEMs or start-ups, Bosch is accelerating development and helps achieve fast breakthroughs on the market,” said Dr. Markus Heyn, member of the Bosch board of management responsible for the Commercial Vehicle Organization.

“We have been aggressively pursuing our goal of bringing the most advanced semi-truck ever built to market,” added Nikola Founder and CEO Trevor Milton. “The powertrain requires an innovative and flexible partner able to adapt quickly to the speed of our team. Bosch has empowered us to come to market quickly with automotive-grade hardware and software so our vision can become a reality.”

The eAxle developed by Bosch is a scalable, modular platform with the motor, power electronics and transmission in one compact unit. This makes it suitable for vehicles of all kinds, from small passenger cars to light trucks. Nikola and Bosch will commercialize the world’s first true dual-motor commercial-vehicle eAxle for a long-haul truck, the companies claim.

The eAxles will be paired with a custom-designed fuel cell system – also being developed jointly between Nikola and Bosch – designed to deliver benchmark vehicle range. The overall vehicle controls will also be jointly developed based upon Bosch’s vehicle control software and hardware.

Bosch and Nikola will also jointly develop the overall powertrain system for the Nikola lineup, which will include the safety concept and vehicle electrical architecture.

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46,000 Ram trucks recalled in Canada for safety issues
Trucking News
FILE - In this Jan. 5, 2015, file photo, Dodge Ram pickup trucks are on display on the lot at Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM in Morrow, Ga.

FILE - In this Jan. 5, 2015, file photo, Dodge Ram pickup trucks are on display on the lot at Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM in Morrow, Ga.


DETROIT – Fiat Chrysler is recalling almost half a million Ram heavy-duty pickups and medium-duty trucks because their water pumps could be defective, about 46,000 of which are in Canada.

The recall involves Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups and Ram 3500, 4500 and 5500 chassis cabs from the 2013 to 2017 model years. All 494,417 of the vehicles involved have 6.7-litre engines.

READ MORE: General Motors recalls 80,000 pickup trucks in Canada due to power steering defect

Most of the trucks were sold in the U.S., but 46,220 are in Canada and 4,485 are in other markets.

Fiat Chrysler says a water pump bearing can overheat under certain conditions, potentially leading to an engine fire.

The company isn’t aware of any injuries or accidents related to the defect. It no longer uses the type of water pump involved in the recall.

Fiat Chrysler will notify customers and dealers will fix or replace the water pumps for free.

READ MORE: Fiat Chrysler cheated on emissions tests, U.S. government says

Source of article click here : Global News


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Mullen Group Ltd. Announces Declaration of Monthly Dividend
Trucking News

OKOTOKS, Alberta, Sept. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Board of Directors of Mullen Group Ltd. (TSX:MTL) ("Mullen Group" and/or the "Corporation") announced today that it has declared a monthly dividend of $0.03 per Common Share payable to the holders of record of Common Shares at the close of business on September 30, 2017.  The dividend will be paid on October 16, 2017. 

For Canadian resident shareholders, this dividend is designated as an "eligible dividend" for purposes of the enhanced dividend tax credit rules contained in the Income Tax Act (Canada) and any corresponding provincial and territorial tax legislation.

Mullen Group is a company that owns a network of independently operated businesses.  The Corporation is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of trucking and logistics services in Canada and provides a wide range of specialized transportation and related services to the oil and natural gas industry in western Canada - two sectors of the economy in which Mullen Group has strong business relationships and industry leadership.  The corporate office provides the capital and financial expertise, legal support, technology and systems support, shared services and strategic planning to its independent businesses.

Mullen Group is a publicly traded corporation listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "MTL".  Additional information is available on our website at or on SEDAR at

Source of article click here : Stockhouse

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Inspectors should look at flatbed safety: OTA
Trucking News

TORONTO, ON – The Ontario Ministry of Labor’s falls blitz is coming, and the Ontario Trucking Alliance (OTA) is urging them to pay special attention to flatbed truck safety.

The falls blitz, which covers ladder safety, slips, trips, and falls, in the mining, industrial, construction, and health care industries, will be running from Oct. 2 to Nov. 30.

Building off a campaign started by the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), the OTA is particularly concerned with unsafe practices of loading and unloading flatbed trucks. Improperly securing loads has led to them falling on drivers, leaving a high risk of injury or even death.

The CTA says its concerns also include inadequate lighting, improper maintenance of grounds, and that many sites require drivers to tarp their loads off-site, which could put drivers at risk on the roadside.

Often unsafe conditions occur at places not under the control of the driver’s employer, such as third-party suppliers. OTA is asking the MOL to pay special attention to these facilities during their up-coming inspections.

“We know that some shippers and receivers take health and safety very seriously, but unfortunately not all supply chain partners share this as a major priority,” said OTA president Stephen Laskowski.

The issues came to the attention of the CTA after a hazard warning was issued by the Occupational Health and Safety Directorate at Employment and Social Development Canada.

The OTA is urging inspectors to prioritize the inspection of conditions for drivers at certain facilities and keep an eye out for the conditions of grounds and lighting, while conducting their blitz.

The OTA is also asking drivers to report facilities in the supply chain they believe are not safe to operations&, so they can alert the ministry.

A complete list of the ministry’s scheduled blitzes can be found here.

Source of article click here : Today's Trucking

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OTA addresses dangerous goods concerns
Trucking News

TORONTO, Ont. – The Ontario Trucking Association met yesterday with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), Eastern Ontario mayors and other supply chain and transportation stakeholders to address several safety issues involving the transportation of dangerous goods along the highway 401 corridor.

Earlier in 2017, collisions involving commercial motor vehicles carrying dangerous goods on the 401 in eastern caused some local mayors to question certain aspects of moving these goods by truck during extreme winter conditions.

“Today was an opportunity for the Eastern Ontario Mayors Caucus (EOMC) to learn more about the commitment to safety excellence by all members of the supply chain linked to the movement of dangerous goods by truck,” said OTA senior vice-president Geoff Wood.

OTA discussed with attendees information that highlighted the training and handling requirements that all members of the supply chain must adhere to. It is this heightened level of attention toward to safety that has resulted in very few truck related incidents involving dangerous goods:

Wood explained how commercial trucks represent less than 3% of all vehicle collisions. Of all commercial vehicle collisions, trucks carrying dangerous goods accounted for 0.015% of the total.

“The trucking industry is proud of its record as it relates to the safety performance of moving dangerous goods by truck. The OTA and its members will continue to maintain this commitment to public safety to ensure our level of excellence continues,” he said.

Source of article click here : : Truck News

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Antigo trucking company puts drivers on alert after Weston truck driver attacked
Trucking News

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. (WSAW) -- An Antigo trucking company is putting its drivers on alert after one of them was attacked and robbed at a rest stop in Kenosha County last week.

Pleasant Prairie police chief David Smetana tells NewsChannel 7 the driver was robbed at the Tourist Information Center along Highway 165 and Interstate 94 just before 6 a.m. on Thursday, September 7. Swetana says that area is often used by truck drivers as a rest stop.

Karl's Transport Dispatch Coordinator Jim Diedrick tells NewsChannel 7 the driver is 39-year-old Robert Lyon of Weston.

Chief Swetana says a witness called police about blood in a men's restroom restroom at the Tourist Information Center. When police arrived, they found Lyon in the parking lot dazed from the injuries he received during the robbery.

"He sustained serious head injuries, and injuries to his torso and chest, blunt force type trauma," Swetana said. "No other weapons other than hands or an impact weapon was suspected."

Swetana says surveillance video shows the suspect entered the bathroom before Lyon did. He says when Lyon walked in the bathroom, moments later the suspect walked out of the bathroom and left the rest stop. The suspect took Lyon's wallet.

Diedrick says he's reminding drivers at Karl's Transport to remain vigilant while on the job. He adds truck drivers can travel with another driver as an added measure of safety during their travels, and says truckers are also legally allowed to carry a concealed firearm in Wisconsin for their protection.

You're asked to call Pleasant Prairie Police if you have any information about the case at (262)-694-7353.

Source of article click here : WSAW.TV

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Alberta Coyote Is Alive And Well After Being Struck And Then Stuck In Car Grille
Trucking News

A coyote in Alberta had quite the experience last week after it was hit by a car and taken on a highway trip inside the vehicle's grille.

Georgie Knox said on Facebook that she was driving to work from Airdrie, Alta. to Calgary when she saw the coyote run in front of her car.

"I heard a crunch and believed I ran over and killed it," she wrote in a post over the weekend.

Knox said she only found out the animal was still "embedded" in her car when a construction worker at a traffic stop told her.

"When I got out to look, this poor little guy was looking up and blinking at me."

Knox said she called officials at Alberta Fish and Wildlife, who sent out a team to help the trapped coyote. After it was checked for injuries, he was set free.

"Clearly Mother Nature has other plans for this special little guy!" Knox wrote.

Nature has many other plans for coyotes, apparently. The animals are "highly adaptable," according to the province's Environment and Parks department, and they can be found in all kinds of terrestrial habitats in Alberta.

The department says many landowners have long considered coyotes as pests and that they have survived repeated attempts at, uh, elimination.

Another coyote — no relation to the protagonist of our story — had a similar experience in Illinois in 2014.


The Chicago Tribune reported at the time that the animal, lovingly named Vern after the Buick Verano that hit it, was also taken on an involuntary and painful adventure inside a car's grille.

Like Knox, the driver was oblivious to the coyote until a bystander alerted him.

"The coyote has been able to adapt to many of the changes brought about by man," Alberta's park department says on its website.

Guess we can add high-speed trips in steel death-traps to that list?

Source of article click here : Huffington Post

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Highway 10 reopened near Shefford, Que., following toxic chemical spill
Trucking News
Toxic, flammable styrene spilled from 35,000-litre tanker truck after collision with SUV

Highway 10 has reopened near Bromont after a chemical spilled on the road Tuesday morning.

Highway 10 has reopened near Bromont after a chemical spilled on the road Tuesday morning

Highway 10  has now reopened near Shefford, Que., about 90 kilometres east of Montreal, after an accident caused a tanker truck to spill the toxic and flammable chemical styrene on the road this morning.

Lanes in both directions had been closed earlier in the day.

The accident occurred Tuesday morning, when the 35,000-litre tanker truck was involved in a collision with an SUV. 

The driver of the SUV sustained minor injuries.

Styrene is used in the manufacturing of synthetic rubber, latex and polystyrene resins, used in plastic, insulation, fibreglass, pipes, automobile parts and food containers.

Source of article click here : CBC NEWS

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Traffic still moving slowly after earlier semi crash
Trucking News
The Colwood crawl was moving even slower Monday morning after a semi crashed on the Trans-Canada Highway between Millstream and Six Mile roads.


The West Shore RCMP received the call just after 3 a.m. after the truck rolled in the southbound lanes, stopping against the rock face on the side of the road.

No other vehicles were involved and no injuries were reported.

Salvage crews were expected to arrive at around 10 a.m. to work on the wreckage after the morning rush. Traffic is still down to one lane southbound.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Source of article click here : Victoria News

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Consumers must share cost of truck transportation
Trucking News

Sept. 3 to 9 is National Trucking Week, a time for the industry to celebrate its workforce and take a brief bow for the efficient and reliable service it provides to everyone who makes a purchase, visits a hospital or clinic, or puts their garbage out weekly at the curb. We all take part in activities that are made possible or easier because of trucking companies and their employees.

Despite the hype around automated trucks, the nuts and bolts of this industry haven’t changed much over the years. However, trucking companies are facing ever-increasing costs, which means even though transportation is a small component of the price of most goods, consumers should expect somewhat higher prices. “Free shipping” is good marketing, but the cost of transportation is buried in the overall price.

For trucking companies, costs fall into three broad categories: equipment, fuel and labour. All of these categories are experiencing increases:

• The cost of equipment is rising as truck engines become more technologically advanced and emissions-reduction features add additional complexity and weight. Because a truck’s weight is regulated, heavier equipment means it must carry less cargo, which lowers a truck’s productivity and revenue. Maintenance on more advanced equipment is also more time consuming and therefore costlier.

• Diesel fuel costs continue to increase, although price alone is not the only reason fuel costs add up. Any idling time due to both planned (e.g., construction) or unplanned (e.g., highway closures) delays raises the cost of transport. Congestion in major centres, where more and more Canadians are choosing to live, is also adding to costs.

• Many trucking companies are spending greater time recruiting and training workers, which requires resources. And, electronic logging devices, which are required in the majority of trucks by year end in the U.S. and projected for 2019 in Canada, will record truck drivers’ time more accurately, accounting for every minute of their work day. Even though truck drivers have a generous allotment of work time (14 hours per shift, maximum, in Canada) and driving time (up to 13 hours within that shift), unproductive time like waiting to load or unload or unexpected delays will shorten a driver’s day. As a result, more drivers and more equipment will be needed to do the same amount of work.

Costs are going up for many industries, not just trucking. But trucking is a highly competitive industry that operates on very low margins. In order not to lose business, companies have been poor at communicating cost increases and, historically, have simply handed over any efficiency gains they’ve made to shippers — their immediate customers — and, finally, to us, the end consumers of their services and the goods they carry.

Louise Yako is president and CEO of the B.C. Trucking Association.

Source of article click here : Delta Optimist

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Fugitive goat struck, killed by truck in Kingston
Trucking News
Before its death Tuesday, the 'elusive' goat became a popular topic on Twitter.

Before its death Tuesday, the 'elusive' goat became a popular topic on Twitter.

An "elusive" goat that had been on the lam in Kingston, Ont., since August finally ran out of luck Tuesday, but not before causing a little more mayhem.

Frontenac OPP say the animal wandered onto Highway 401 between Sydenham Road and Sir John A. MacDonald Boulevard where it was struck and presumably killed by a passing tractor-trailer, denting the truck's grill.

Soon after, a small grey vehicle swerved to avoid the animal's carcass and collided with the centre median. A female occupant of the vehicle was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries, OPP said.

The black and white goat had gained a devoted following online, where people who spotted the animal posted photos of its exploits with the hashtag #ygkgoat. A local clothing company announced Wednesday afternoon it would make shirts featuring the hashtag to honour the goat. 

There's no word on who owned the animal, or how it escaped in the first place. But the free-spirited goat clearly made a big impression on its many admirers.

A vigil will be held tonight for the goat at Cataraqui Community Centre at 6 p.m.

Source of article click here : CBC NEWS

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Mayors disappointed by province's response to Hwy. 401 concerns
Trucking News
Eastern Ontario municipalities called for new safety measures following fatal collision, chemical spill

Brett Todd, the mayor of Prescott, Ont., said eastern Ontario mayors are frustrated that Ontario's Ministry of Transportation isn't working quickly enough to prevent major crashes on Highway 401 like the one in March 2017 that killed one person and sent 29 others to hospital.

Brett Todd, the mayor of Prescott, Ont., said eastern Ontario mayors are frustrated that Ontario's Ministry of Transportation isn't working quickly enough to prevent major crashes on Highway 401 like the one in March 2017 that killed one person and sent 29 others to hospital.

Some eastern Ontario mayors say they're disappointed with how the province has so far responded to their request for changes to highway safety rules following a fatal 30-vehicle crash on Highway 401 last winter.

A group of 10 mayors met Monday with representatives from Ontario's Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to talk about the March 14 crash, which caused a dangerous chemical spill, closed the highway for more than a day and left a tractor-trailer driver dead.

Brett Todd, the mayor of Prescott, Ont., told CBC Radio's All in a Day the group had hoped the province would come armed with political solutions that could possibly prevent future crashes of that scope.

Instead, he said, the meeting didn't play out as expected.

"The focus of the meeting was largely on information, on emergency services, on what's available and so forth," Todd said.

"And while it was good [for us] to establish that dialogue, there's a real sense of frustration with the mayors in the room that we waited six months for this — and we're really still at square one."

Highway shut for more than a day

The pileup between Brockville and Kingston caused the highway to be shut down after fluorosilicic acid spilled from tractor-trailers.

The Kingston General Hospital said they treated 29 patients after the crash. Police described conditions on the highway at the time as a "near-whiteout."

Monday's meeting included representatives from the trucking industry and from the Ontario Provincial Police, Todd said, but it was missing one noteworthy invitee: Steven Del Duca, Ontario's transport minister.

Todd said Del Duca had notified him that he wouldn't be able to attend, and had promised a personal meeting in the near future.

While he appreciated that gesture, Todd said the MTO needs to speed things up.

"The ministry is still basically, apparently, in an information-gathering stage. And we're already mid-September, and we've got another winter coming down the pipe very shortly."

"It's hard to believe that it took six months to get this meeting today," he added. "There was a lot of frustration in the room."

Solutions in New York?

Todd also said he wanted to know why Ontario's regulations couldn't mirror those of the state of New York, which was able to take tractor-trailers off the interstates during the March blizzard by declaring an emergency.

'This is not going away. We're not going to be ignored on this.' - Brett Todd, mayor of Prescott, Ont.

"They didn't have an accident like we did, in the exact same storm. So are we talking to New York state about this? We got that answer this morning — and the answer was essentially no," Todd said.

"The OPP's had a bit of a dialogue, [but] nothing from senior levels of government. And that's really where this conversation needs to start."

In an email, MTO spokesperson Bob Nichols said "policy work is underway" on potentially barring trucks from transporting certain goods during bad weather, but any regulatory changes would require "significant analysis and consultation with industry and subject matter experts."

Ontario does not have the power to ban specific types of vehicles or goods from the roads during storms, Nichols said.

The province is also "constantly reviewing" how other jurisdictions, including New York, respond to road safety issues, he added.

A representative from the Ontario Trucking Association at Monday's meeting did pitch "technological solutions" that could possibly limit tractor-trailer speeds in inclement weather, Todd said, as well as using stronger packaging for dangerous goods.

Ultimately, Todd said, he and his fellow mayors had a united message for the province.

"This is not going away. We're not going to be ignored on this," he said. "And we want some action."

Source of article click here : CBC NEWS

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Truck convoy rolls for Special Olympics
Trucking News

CALGARY, Alta. – Big rigs of all shapes and sizes convoyed down Calgary streets Sept. 16 raising over $20,000 for Special Olympics Alberta athletes.

Seventy-eight trucks took part in the 2017 World’s Largest Truck Convoy, with participants from trucking companies throughout Western Canada.

The convoy is an annual event that started in 2001 and runs in partnership with the Alberta Law Enforcement Torch Run. Since, more than 15,000 trucks ranging from big rigs to dump trucks have taken part, traveling over 8,000 kms to raise awareness for the cause.

Tri-Line Carries led the pack, which included such companies as Bison Transport, Syndicate Transport, and Trimac, as well as Rosenau Transport, where the convoy departed and concluded.

Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) president Lorraine Card thanked all those who participated in the event, which aligns with National Trucking Week, showcasing the job drivers do each and every day for the Canadian economy and consumer.

“These ambassadors for safety also demonstrate a commitment to the community through events like this and we’re very pleased the truck convoy for Special Olympics Alberta in Calgary continues to grow year over year,” Card said. “This is an event that Special Olympic athletes truly enjoy and we’re proud of our partnership with Special Olympics Alberta and the Alberta Law Enforcement Torch Run.”

Since it began, the World’s Largest Truck Convoy has raised more than $3 million for Special Olympics.

Source of article click here : Truck News

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WABCO buys Meritor's stake in partnership
Trucking News

TROY, MI – WABCO Holdings is upping the ante in its North American ownership, announcing this morning that it is taking full control of the he Meritor WABCO joint venture.

In a press release, WABCO Holdings said it was purchasing Meritor’s stake in the joint venture business, with a transaction that is expected to close Oct. 1.

Meritor WABCO, a distributer of WABCO products for commercial vehicles in North America, employs about 200 people and had sales of $300 million in fiscal year 2016.

With this agreement, WABCO will take over the former joint venture’s application engineering and supply chain operations, including the distribution center and customer service hub in Hebron, Kentucky.

The deal will also ensure WABCO will continue to have exclusive access to a winter test track in Sault St. Marie, Michigan, and joint access to a year-round test track in East Liberty, Ohio to support local customers.

Following closure of the buyout, WABCO has agreed for Meritor to continue to be its exclusive distributor for a certain range of WABCO’s Aftermarket products in the United States and Canada, and its non-exclusive distributor in Mexico.

Jacques Esculier, WABCO chairman and CEO, said acquiring the partnership will unify and strengthen the group’s North American presence.

The company also says the consolidation of its business will allow them to further strengthen relationships with commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleets through more simplified and direct channels.

Source of article click here : : Today's Trucking

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BlackBerry and Fleet Complete form partnership
Trucking News

WATERLOO, Ont. – BlackBerry and Fleet Complete announced today that they have entered a reselling partnership where Fleet Complete will be incorporating BlackBerry Radar into its fleet tracking solution.

According to the companies, the expanded solution will now enable better asset capacity management for carriers, allowing for digital freight brokering, and incorporates the environmental conditions of trailers and containers in a single interface.

“Providing the most holistic all in one fleet and asset management solution has been Fleet Complete’s sole mission for quite some time,” said Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete. “And after we met with BlackBerry I saw an even greater number of capabilities that we can offer our client base to help them succeed in the modern market space…Our customers have a very diverse range of needs that we strive to cater to and, by partnering with BlackBerry, we have expanded the capabilities that are available to them through our expansive IoT platform.”

This partnered asset management solution will significantly improve and simplify operational matrices for fleet and logistics managers, the companies explained. Now customers can get access to a wider variety of data from their vehicles and trailers, adding load status, temperature, humidity and pressure information, among many other data points, on a single intuitive map view.

“Improving utilization and efficiency can only happen if you have continuous visibility into all assets in your transportation fleet,” said Philip Poulidis, SVP and GM of Radar, BlackBerry. “Fleet Complete and BlackBerry have a shared vision to accelerate the transformation of the logistics and supply chain industry. By working together, we will be able to unlock the excess shipping capacity due to logistics inefficiencies and improve the visibility into an entire fleet of both powered and unpowered assets.”

Source of article click here : : Truck News

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Trade group wants more cashless tolling
Trucking News
High speed cashless tolling on the New York State Thruway could do more than help the environment. Removing toll barriers could also help boost economic development across the region.

long with reducing smog from idling vehicles waiting in line to pay tolls - Buffalo Niagara International Trade Gateway Organization, Executive Director Craig Turner says, electronic tolling would save truck drivers and others in the logistics industry lots of time.

"Time is money in logistics. And as you're competing against a global market, and you're trying to cut pennies off of the cost of your product, the faster you can get your trucks to where they need to be the less it's going to cost you," Turner said.  

Along with truckers, the logistics industry includes raw material suppliers, manufacturers, warehouse operators and customs brokers. Turner says replacing the Williamsville and the Lackawanna toll barriers with an open-road cashless system has been on the organization's agenda for some time.
"Having to stop at the toll barriers doesn't seem like much when you're there for an extra 90-seconds going through or what ever it takes. To all of us driving through 90-seconds sometimes doesn't seem like a big deal. But to a truck on its way with a driver who's counting his hours of service if we can take care of this we make our region that much more competitive," Turner said.  

Lowering costs, he says would help attract new businesses to Western New York and make the area more attractive to companies looking to do business in Canada.

Source of article click here : WBFO
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Canada Cartage partners with Praxair for Truckers Against Trafficking
Trucking News

TORONTO, Ont.  – Canada Cartage, along with Praxair, announced this week that they will be educating their drivers and their communities across Canada in an effort to promote Truckers against Trafficking (TAT) – an initiative to educate, equip, empower and mobilize members of the trucking industry to combat domestic sex trafficking.

TAT recognizes that members of the trucking industry are invaluable in the fight against trafficking. As the eyes and ears of our nation’s highways, drivers are in a unique position to make a difference and stop traffickers who seek to exploit the transportation system for their personal gain.

Canada Cartage and Praxair will train drivers on this initiative throughout the month of September to equip their drivers with the knowledge they need to help combat this heinous crime. TAT training has resulted in a significant increase of reports of possible trafficking to the national hotline from truck drivers, which has resulted in victim recoveries and criminal arrests. Learn more by visiting

Source of article click here : Truck News

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RCMP seek suspect who fled fatal crash that claimed woman near Hope, B.C.
Trucking News
The B.C. Coroner has confirmed that a woman in her 30s has died in connection to the crash

A female passenger was killed when an SUV crashed into a highway maintenance vehicle on Highway 3 east of Hope on Monday.

A female passenger was killed when an SUV crashed into a highway maintenance vehicle on Highway 3 east of Hope on Monday.

Police are searching for a suspect who fled a fatal crash that closed the Hope-Princeton highway for several hours last night.

The Upper Fraser Valley Regional RCMP detachment says the two vehicle collision happened 10 kilometres east of Hope near the Hope Slide lookout at around 3 p.m. PT Monday.

Police say the female passenger in her 30s died as a result of the crash.

Witnesses say they saw a SUV speeding and passing other vehicles then saw it collide with a highway maintenance truck.

The male driver of the SUV and his female passenger were thrown from their vehicle, witnesses said. Police have now confirmed this was the passenger that died.

The Ministry of Forestry says a BC Wildfire Service crew returning from a deployment were some of the first responders on the scene. They were able to deliver first aid and control traffic.

Suspected driver flees scene in stolen truck

One witness said that when the other motorists stopped to help, a man — who may have been the driver of the SUV — said to him, "you better call 911" and then commandeered a nearby white Ford F350 pick-up truck belonging to the fire crew and took off.

A burned out, mangled SUV — which police identified as a Equinox — was left just off the road.

Hope crash

The fatal crash closed Highway 3 for nine hours on Monday. (Ozia Tube)

WorkSafe BC says they were also on scene, saying a worker was injured in the collision but was treated and released from hospital.

Police have confirmed an individual suspected to be the driver of the vehicle left the scene before police arrived.

The man was described as wearing a white and red motorcycle-style jacket and tan shorts.

He was average height and had short, dark hair.

Police have now recovered the stolen truck but are still seeking the suspect.

They believe the suspect travelled to Hope after the collision and advise the public not approach him and call 911 if they see him.

Stranded for hours

A couple of hundred vehicles including many semis and their occupants were left stranded in an area — many for several hours — with no cell service.

Highway 3 reopened to single lane traffic near Sunshine Valley shortly after midnight, more than nine hours after the mishap.

By 5 a.m. PT, both lanes had opened.

Joanne Taylor, the manager of the Sunshine Valley RV Resort, was supposed to close her business at 5 p.m. PT but with all the stranded travellers, she kept it open until late into the night.

"With the traffic coming in, we just stayed open ... that's what you do," she said.

Taylor — who has 10 cabins on the property — said they were quickly snapped up by weary travellers as the closure progressed. But many opened their shelters to other travellers who were looking for a place to stay as well.

"It'll close once in a while in the winter but this is the longest its been closed for a traffic accident," she said.

Source of article click here : CBC NEWS

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More bridges and highway expansion needed
Trucking News
nipigon-bridge-during-construction 2017
Nipigon Bridge during construction.

A national trucking industry group is calling for transportation infrastructure expansion and highway redundancies in northern Ontario.

A report released by the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) follows on the heels of federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau’s July unveiling of the $2.1 billion Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative. The government calls it a "merit-based" infrastructure spending program, spread out over 11 years, devoted to improving border crossings, road, rail, aviation, and marine connections.

In the report, the CTA gathered input from its provincial associations on how the money should be spent on a province-by-province basis.

For northern Ontario, the truckers want key traffic chokepoints on the Trans-Canada Highway addressed through lane expansion and bridges on Highways 11 and 17 in northwestern Ontario. It was identified by the CTA as being a “top priority” to support east-west trade and the growth in mining and other resource-based activity.

They pointed out that commercial vehicles carry $100 million in goods daily across the new Nipigon Bridge.

But as the span’s unexpected closure proved in 2016, there needs to be extra highway capacity and built-in redundancies along key trade routes to keep domestic commerce moving, said the CTA.

“As noted by the Northern Ontario Multi-Modal Transportation Strategy: traffic forecasts have found that over the next 25 years commercial vehicle flows will drive the overall growth in traffic volumes on the highway network in Northern Ontario,” said the report.

The CTA is a federation of provincial trucking associations representing more than 4,500 carriers.

“While not entirely exhaustive, the list represents specific projects and general areas for consideration. In each case, funding for road-based infrastructure would significantly improve the trucking industry’s ability to carry the nation’s domestic and international trade,” said CTA president Stephen Laskowski.

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New Ambassador Bridge good for trade: CTA
Trucking News

OTTAWA, ON – The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) applauded the Canadian government for issuing the permits required for the Ambassador Bridge expansion project to continue.

The Detroit International Bridge Company, building a privately-funded six-lane crossing to replace the current, 87-year-old, Ambassador Bridge, announced the granting of the permits earlier this week. The current bridge will come down once the new one is in place.

The new bridge, along with the planned Gordie Howe International Bridge being constructed a few kilometers away, will increase capacity at North America’s busiest border crossing.

CTA President Stephen Laskowski says the investments in the new infrastructure means good things for future trade by truck between Canada and the United States.

“With this development, the Canadian trucking industry and supply chains on both sides of the border – which depend on fast, efficient trade – should be welcoming not just one, but two contemporary new bridges capable of supporting international trade demands in a modern economy,” he said.

The Ontario-Michigan gateway sees more than 4.2 million trucks per year cross between the two existing bridges, the current Ambassador Bridge and the Blue Water bridge operating between Sarnia and Port Huron.

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