No licences, plates or registration: How not to move a mobile home on a highway

Drivers are facing 40 charges after multiple reports of unsafe driving

Drivers hauling a double-wide mobile home on a major highway were pulled from the road and are facing dozens of charges after multiple reports of unsafe driving, say Alberta Sheriffs.

The mobile home was seen heading north on Highway 2 and several motorists reported it came close to causing collisions and almost lost its load.

“Officers responded and were concerned about the lack of proper signage and lights on the semi, the mobile home and a pilot truck that was following the transport unit. A storm was making an already dangerous situation even more hazardous by reducing visibility for other motorists,” the agency wrote Monday on social media.

The drivers were escorted to weigh scales in Red Deer.

The crew was redirected to weigh scales in Red Deer. They are now facing 40 charges related to unsafe driving. (Alberta Sheriffs)

Neither of the two drivers had valid licences, the vehicles were uninsured, there were no plates on the vehicles and the semi’s registration had expired, police said.

“Officers laid a total of 40 charges during the investigation and court dates were set in Red Deer. The semi, trailer, mobile home and pilot truck were seized and towed. Officers were relieved they were able to intercept and remove the hazardous transport unit from the highway before any incidents could occur.”

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