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Cold weather accessories for commercial trucks

A variety of products are available to increase traction and braking stability, keeping heavy-duty trucks safer during the winter months.

Commercial truck tire designs feature a broader tread surface and extra deep tread. Kinedyne has redesigned its Grip Link tire chains to include additional links on the side chains as well as more cross chains.

The Grip Link highway tire chains come in 7-mm steel wire V-bar and square link designs and are available for 11×22.5 and 11×24.5 single and dual-triple styles. The 11×22.5 single model has 14 cross chains per set, while the dual-triple version includes 28 cross chains. The 11×24.5 single comes with 15 cross chains; the dual-triple version has 30. All Kinedyne Grip Link highway tire chains are equipped with four outside cams and provide an additional 1.3 inches of tightening tension.

The V-shaped bars on the Kinedyne tire chains act as miniature ice picks that pierce the ice, the manufacturer noted, propelling the tire forward even over a slippery surface. The corners of the square-shape links on the square link chains are engineered to dig into ice and snow and designed to cover more surface area to maintain a better grip on the road.

The Kinedyne T-Wrench tensioning tool is used to help tighten and loosen cams. All of the company’s chains are provided in plastic pails that feature color-coded labels to indicate the chain’s specific width and design. The company also offers repair kits for every style of its Grip Link tire chains and tire chain pliers for easier installation.

Kinedyne’s Grip Link Tire Chain Bungee, used to pull chains tight, is constructed with six heavy-duty rubber arms, each equipped with a corrosion-resistant, zinc-plated steel ring and outward-facing grab hooks to eliminate tire damage. The bungee can be used on any size V-bar, square link, or studded tire chain.

Laclede Chain offers a variety of products for heavy-duty trucks. In the manufacturer’s product line are single and wide base as well as reinforced single and wide base chains. Other models include extra-durable cam, dual-triple and reinforced dual-triple, square straight link alloy, cable and hoop chain designs.

Peerless Chain provides alloy cable products for single and dual heavy-duty applications. The company’s TA Alloy Radial Chain series features traction coil crossmembers made from manganese alloy steel for durability and a link-style fastening system with an over-center outside latch for easier installation and adjustment. According to the manufacturer, the crossmember eyelets are stronger than previous Peerless products and allow for easy replacement of worn crossmembers without requiring special tools.

Super Z QuickDraw singles and dual-triple chains are offered in sizes to fit all commercial highway and traction tires. Peerless said its Super Z design allows for quick installation using the QuickDraw center rail that tightens with a simple pull. The chains also feature alloy steel traction coils and weigh at least 20% less than conventional link tire chains.

Peerless Quik Grip steel alloy link chains for heavy-duty trucks are available in styles for single- and dual-tire assemblies in standard highway service, bar-reinforced models, and cold temperature operation. The square rod Quik Grip design features square link cross chains and a built-in cam tightening system, so tensioners are not required.

Diamond Blue is another tire chain product for heavy-duty applications from Peerless. The company noted a unique feature of the chains is its manganese alloy cross chain in a diamond-style lateral crossmember pattern. This provides increased traction, greater braking stability, and a smoother ride. All Diamond Blue truck tire chains are offered with a cam tightening system that does not require separate chain tighteners.

Pewag Square Link Ladder tire chains are available in cam or non-cam designs. Made from a nickel manganese alloy, the square link chains can be reversed for longer life, according to the manufacturer, and will wear up to eight times longer than conventional twist link designs while providing up to 32% more traction.

To quickly and easily deice air brake lines and systems, release frozen brakes, or pretreat lines, the Brake Releaser by Milton Industries uses the trailer’s air supply to provide a controlled burst of deicing solution through gladhand connections. The Brake Releaser, which can be used on any type of semi-trailer with an air brake system, is available in two versions, including the Brake Releaser Standard Kit and the Brake Releaser Accessory Kit.