CTA Provides Proof of Vaccination & Washroom/Restaurant Access Snapshot for Interprovincial Travel

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), in collaboration with all provincial associations, has created a vaccination passport snapshot which outlines proof of vaccination requirements currently in place in each province, including washroom and restaurant access.

The document assists truck drivers in preparing for these requirements for work-related interprovincial travel.

The document also provides current implementation dates for each provincial system – whether mask mandates are in place – and defines whether restaurant or washroom access is available regardless of vaccination status, if clarified by each jurisdiction.

Due to the constantly evolving nature of the pandemic and the need to adapt public health measures, CTA and the provincial associations will continue to update this document, when possible, to ensure the latest information is available to members.

Members with more detailed questions about the requirements in individual provinces are encouraged to contact their local provincial association for details.

A copy of the document can be accessed here: CTA Vaccination Passport_public

With Ontario’s vaccine certificate program in effect, proof of COVID-19 vaccination is now required to access non-essential businesses.

Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) members can access this web tool for steps on how to download your vaccination receipts from the Ontario Ministry of Health, and learn how Apple users can convert their vaccination receipts to an Apple Wallet pass for easy access to your documentation.

Once Ontario’s official QR code is released on Oct 22, you will be able to update your Apple Wallet pass by visiting this site again.

OTA will provide further information on Ontario’s QR code system when details are announced.