City of Hamilton Declines Update to Truck Route Master Plan; Further Consultations to be Conducted

Hamilton City Council has declined to endorse proposed changes to the city’s revised truck route master plan which will now undergo further study and consultation before finalizing any proposed changes. A report with further results for consideration will likely be reviewed by the truck route subcommittee in March.

The rejected truck route master plan proposal would have prohibited trucks from travelling through the downtown core, as well as banning all trucks that are five axles or more from accessing certain parts of the truck route network while travelling in the city, with very few viable alternatives available.

In its delegation to city councillors and the subcommittee on Monday, OTA reiterated that these proposals would create increased costs and travel time for trucking companies and customers they service, at a time when the industry is dealing with rising costs, inflation, supply chain issues and significant labour shortages. The added miles would also create unnecessary GHG emissions, running counter to the environmental objectives of the city.

The increased costs and travel times would have been particularly harmful to trucking companies moving agricultural goods and their customer bases, a sector which is exceptionally vital to the economic prosperity of the Hamilton area.

OTA will continue to update members on any proposed changes to the truck route as more information becomes available.