Truck stop manager does all she can to accommodate drivers during winter storm

An Illinois truck stop braved the winter weather to ensure truckers had a safe place to stay this week. 

Beth Jamison, the general manager of the Road Ranger in Tuscola, Illinois says that she did everything she could to accommodate as many truckers as possible during winter storms this week because she knows how important truckers are to the country, and how much they rely on truck stops. 

“It’s very important. These truck drivers are providing all the stores with everything everyone needs, and if they can’t stay on the roads, then nobody has anything. I know how much they rely on us truck stops. So, if I can be here, I’m going to be here,” Jamison said. 

Jamison says that she was able to stay open throughout the night for the more than 80 truckers stopped in the nearby outlet mall parking lot, along with the over 25 she was able to cram into her own parking lot. Jamison says she typically only has room for around 15 trucks. 

Officials say there is still ice and snow over much of Illinois roadways and urge drivers to travel with an abundance of caution.