Voices of Canadian Industry Call to Action on Border Blockades

A group of leading business trade associations, representing key sectors of the Canadian supply chain, issued the following statement on blockades affecting key trade corridors and border crossings:

“The Canadian business community is urging all levels of government to work together in bringing an immediate end to the current blockades and disruptions at our country’s border crossings and key trade corridors.”

Hundreds of millions of dollars in cross-border trade, which includes critical supplies and perishable items, are being impacted or lost because of ongoing blockades.

“Canada’s economy is being threatened as thousands of trucks and millions of dollars in cross-border trade that typically go through these entry points every day is being disrupted. Our borders are essential trade arteries that feed businesses and Canadians with essential goods, food, medicine, and critical industrial components that fuel our economy and support our critical infrastructure.”

Ongoing interruptions at Canadian border crossings and on key trade corridors will exacerbate supply chain disruptions.

All levels of government must work together to develop tailored solutions for each unique border crossing in Canada to prevent future disruptions.

“Canada’s trade and transportation infrastructure, which is crucial to the lives of Canadians and their livelihoods, must be protected.”


Alberta Motor Transport Association

Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association

Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association

British Columbia Trucking Association

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

Canadian Tooling & Machining Association

Canadian Trucking Alliance

Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association

Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada

Global Automakers of Canada

Manitoba Trucking Association

Medtech Canada

Ontario Trucking Association

Quebec Trucking Association

Saskatchewan Trucking Association

Tire and Rubber Association