Truck driver caught hauling 6 duffle bags of cocaine across U.S.-Canada border

DETROIT – A truck driver caught with six duffle bags of cocaine before crossing the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit to Canada claims he doesn’t know how the drugs got into his rig, WDIV Local 4 reports.

Jagrant Singh Gill was stopped on the Detroit side of the bridge around 6:10 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 24, the report said. He was hauling steel reels from Marion, Ind., in a soft-side covered flatbed trailer. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials asked Gill to step out of the semi-truck for an inspection. A check of the side storage compartment on the flatbed revealed six duffel bags full of plastic-wrapped bundles with logos and numbers on them, the report said. The substance in the bundles was tested and weighed and found to be 140 kilograms of cocaine. Gill was arrested.

Gill waived his Miranda rights during an interview on the night of his arrest. He told officials he entered the United States on Wednesday, Feb. 23, and drove to Albion, Ind., to drop off steel pipes, the report said. He then drove to another city in Indiana to pick up steel reels that were bound for Canada. He stopped at a truck stop near exit 151 off I-94 in Michigan and went to the bathroom for about 30 minutes. He claimed not to know how the cocaine came to be in the compartment, the report said.

The criminal complaint claims that there is probable cause to believe that Gill had intent to distribute the cocaine.