The stars are twinkling in Hamburg: 100th Mercedes Benz eCitaro delivered to Hamburger Hochbahn AG

  • Milestone on the way to e-mobility on Hamburg’s buses
  • Anniversary bus: Designed for passengers and drivers
  • Long-standing partnership between Hochbahn and Daimler Buses

Stuttgart/Mannheim – Hamburger Hochbahn AG, the largest local public transport operator in Hamburg, has ambitious goals: The city’s entire bus fleet is to be converted into locally zero-emission vehicles by 2030. The all-electric Mercedes‑Benz eCitaro is an essential building block for this. The 100th vehicle was handed over in Mannheim today.

Milestone on the way to e-mobility on Hamburg’s buses

“The 100th eCitaro is a milestone for Hamburger Hochbahn AG,” Mirko Sgodda comments as the Head of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Services at Daimler Buses. “At the end of 2018, Hochbahn acquired the eCitaro’s first production vehicle. Now that we have delivered the 100th vehicle to Hamburg, this is a clear sign that the eCitaro has proven its worth in practice.”

The milestone of the 100th eCitaro is remarkable, but no reason to take a break. After all, ten more eCitaro are currently on their way. With these, the fleet of Hamburger Hochbahn AG will consist of 83 solo buses and 27 articulated buses. A further 68 solo buses and five articulated buses have been ordered for this year as well as next year.

These include the first models with the next-generation, even more powerful NMC3 batteries, which offer a longer range without having to recharge. Hamburger Hochbahn AG has been involved at every step of the eCitaro’s rapid development, operating each battery generation, from NMC1 to NMC3, as well as solid-state batteries.

Anniversary bus: Designed for passengers and drivers

The anniversary model is part of an extensive framework agreement for up to 530 zero-emission city buses for Hochbahn between 2021 and 2025. The exact number of buses and how they will be distributed will be determined during the term of the agreement.

The articulated bus for Hamburg comes equipped to be very passenger-friendly. Four doors ensure a fast flow of passengers at stops. A closing door warning system with a flashing red light strip informs passengers entering or exiting the vehicle that the door is about to move. Three special-purpose areas are provided for wheelchairs and child strollers. The wood look for the floor, fabric-covered seats and backrests for passenger seats manufactured in-house, plus leather straps convey a cozy feeling. The ambient lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere when it’s dark outside. Passengers can charge their electronic devices on board using the numerous USB twin sockets. Two dual monitors are used for infotainment on board. The activated filter and antiviral function of the air-conditioning system reduces the risk of infection.

But we have also not forgotten about drivers. The cab door is equipped with a glazed glass partition across its entire width. The driver’s seat is heated and air conditioned. Video cameras above doors three and four enable the driver to see what is happening at the rear doors when at bus stops. Finally, the Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) warns passers-by when this silent city bus is approaching.

Long-standing partnership between Hochbahn and Daimler Buses

Hamburger Hochbahn AG operates 116 routes, and more than 1300 stops, with around 1100 buses. These buses carry around 214 million passengers a year. Since 2020, this transport company has purchased locally zero-emission city buses only. Daimler Buses and Hochbahn have worked closely with one another for decades and are pushing innovative technologies forward together.