Indian Truck Driver Makes Rs 1.5 Lakh in 4 Days in Canada

Canada is home to thousands of Indian migrants who are often involved in the trucking profession. But what does a regular truck driver make in Canada?

Here is a video of a YouTuber who tells what an Indian truck driver makes in Canada. Now, Canada is a popular destination for a ton of Indians to migrate to. There are a lot of second and even third-generation Indians living there. People from Punjab are common in Canada and this truck driver is a popular YouTuber who comes from Punjab. Through this video, one can get a rough as to how much money can a truck driver make in Canada.

How He Make $2500+ in 4 Days in Canada | Revealing Monthly Income | Truck Drivers Salary

Both the people in this video are popular YouTubers in Canada. The one making this video, asks the trucker YouTuber about what his job is like. The truck driver responds by saying that he has been in this job for over 3 years now and is enjoying it a lot. His aim is to open his own transport and own trucks. In that way, he can retire into that job while hiring other truck drivers to operate the trucks. That is what most truck drivers do after gaining experience for years and earning enough money to set up their own business.

When talking about how much money he earns, he mentions that he is on a 4-day trip from Canada to the U.S. For this trip, he will get 60 cents per mile. In his estimate, he will do around 4,000 miles in total over the period of 4 days. This translates to around 2,400 CAD which is roughly Rs 1.50 lakh. However, he confesses that the job could be a bit risky because there is no security and the income is not fixed. If for some reason, there is no work for a substantial amount of time, then one could struggle to make ends meet. But that is the case with almost all private jobs.

On the other hand, one could make a decent living if he/she keeps getting regular work. The trucker YouTuber mentions that one is able to afford a house and achieve a good standard of living if there is constant work. He has his family in Canada as well. Therefore, he generally opts for 1 or 2-day trips so that he can get back to his family regularly. Let us know your thoughts about the trucking job in Canada.