Specialist and universal talent: Mercedes-Benz Unimog demonstrates its performance at InnoTrans

Specialist and universal talent: Mercedes-Benz Unimog demonstrates its performance at InnoTrans

  • Extremely versatile: Ex works equipment and industry-specific add-on and body solutions enable it to be used as a specialist or all-rounder
  • Towing vehicle and implement carrier: The 2-way Unimog shines in repair, railway track and greenery applications as well as winter road clearance
  • 1,000 tons on the hook: Unimog as a cost-effective maneuvering vehicle
  • Model year 2022: Further optimized driving comfort, more extensive safety equipment and equipment packages for all Unimog models

Stuttgart/Berlin – As a two-way vehicle for road and rail, the Unimog stands for versatility, performance and cost-effectiveness all at the same time. The universal power tool will be presented at the InnoTrans trade fair, the international trade fair for traffic technology in Berlin. From 20 to 23 September, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks will be showcasing a cross-section of the Unimog range in the O/270 open-air area. The carrier chassis is a Unimog U 423, whose Euro VI four-cylinder engine delivers 170 kW (231 hp).

A Unimog for almost every job on urban rail infrastructure

The customers can choose: the range of Unimog models, equipment options, attachments and bodies is so extensive that they can assemble either a specialist to carry out specific tasks or a general all-rounder. Both can be achieved without having to compromise on performance. One of the all-rounders is the multifunctional work vehicle with various swap bodies for use by urban transport companies. It is suitable both as an implement carrier and for use as a tractor on rails, for which the Unimog U 423 also has a converter-clutch unit and a hydrostatic EasyDrive traction drive. This means that this Unimog is also able to tow away a broken down tram.

Depending on the season and the requirements, the 2-way Unimog can be upgraded with different bodies for additional tasks. The Palfinger loading crane and loading platform, ZWEIWEG elevating work platform, DAMMANN track spraying system, the Kahlbachersnowplow, the MULAG front boom with mowing head or clearing saw and a two-way trailer from ZWEIWEG are all used on the exhibition vehicle. The mechanical front PTO, an engine PTO and the factory-installed dual-circuit working hydraulics supply the working equipment with power. This way, the implement carrier can carry out a wide range of tasks, including maintenance work on infrastructure, railway track and greenery maintenance as well as winter road clearance. With the help of the turntable rail guide from ZAGRO, a specialist for two-way vehicles and maneuvering technology, the vehicle is also able to negotiate tight curves from radii of 17 meters upwards. There is hardly any task that this Unimog cannot perform with such extensive and versatile equipment.

Rail cleaner with the power of the four hydraulic circuits

The permanently all-wheel drive U 423 for more environmentally friendly and economical cleaning on inner-city rail networks represents the specialist’s approach. It uses the two circuits of the Unimog working hydraulics as well as circuits III and IV of the VarioPower power hydraulics available ex works. The combination of the four circuits is necessary to operate several power-intensive consumers simultaneously. These include the high-pressure water pump, which enables even stubborn deposits to be removed from the grooved rails at up to 500 bar pressure, the filter system for sustainable treatment of the vacuumed soiled water, and the brushes for cleaning the rail head. The 13.8-tonner achieves the low working speed required for the degree of soiling with the working gears of the fully synchronous reversing gearbox.

Further advantages that speak for using the Unimog in this application are its ability to switch quickly between road and rail, so that the vehicle can be transported quickly from the depot to the deployment site or to the landfill site to empty the waste container. The fact that the French Unimog and 2-way specialists CMAR are also able to recycle wastewater contributes to the working efficiency of this vehicle. This capability not only means greater sustainability, it also gives the vehicle a longer range, thus improving its operational efficiency.

Can also be used with a work platform without support

The 2-way Unimog with rail guide and elevating work platform from ZAGRO also sets new standards. This version is suitable for construction, maintenance, as well as repair work on overhead contact lines. The body concept enables work and even relocation at a working speed of up to 5 km/h with full lateral reach and without supports. This significantly shortens the set-up times before work steps and thus optimizes the cost-effectiveness of the vehicle. The body offers a maximum working height of 8.5 m and a lateral reach of 6.3 m as well as a swivel range of 180 degrees.

With this vehicle concept, the continuously variable hydrostatic EasyDrive drive reveals all its strengths. With a remote control for the hydrostatic traction drive, the Unimog can be positioned with centimeter precision from the elevating work platform. This makes inspections on the overhead line particularly convenient. The rail guide with its articulated roller track holders enables the machine to negotiate curve radii of 40 meters and up. For use in tunnels, the vehicle is also equipped with a fire alarm and fire extinguishing system in the engine compartment.

The Unimog maneuvering vehicle as a cost-effective alternative

The U 423 as a two-way maneuvering vehicle represents an indispensable partner in the fleets of industrial companies operating rail connections. The model with its short wheelbase of 3,000 millimeters allows economical maneuvering with low fuel consumption compared to pure rail vehicles. Unimog is able to transport trailer loads of up to 1,000 tons. The Unimog’s torque converter clutch unit enables the necessary high tractive forces and also ensures smooth moving off without clutch wear. In combination with the fully synchronous reversing gearbox, forward travel and reversing on the rail is possible at speeds of up to 50 km/h. The experts at ZWIEHOFF are responsible for converting the Unimog chassis into a 2-way maneuvering vehicle. In addition to a rail guide, the wagon brake system from Knorr-Bremse and a pivoting coupling rod, the railway equipment also includes a remote control. This ensures efficient maneuvering.

Unimog model year 2022: Improved comfort and even greater safety

In addition, with the current model year, all Unimog series benefit from several technical innovations that, above all, further increase driving comfort and safety. The electrohydraulic comfort steering shows its strengths when heavy front attachments are used. It is speed-dependent and reduces steering forces at low speeds and when the vehicle is stationary. A major plus for the driver. The driver also benefits from the new “climate-controlled seat”, whose sophisticated ventilation can reduce physical strain during work, especially when working in heat, so that concentration can be ensured. To provide the best possible protection for occupants in all situations, the Unimog cab has additional reinforcements for the cab underbody and new tubular brackets on the A-pillar.

New equipment packages combine essential safety functions

The current model year also offers significant economic benefits. A wide and attractive range of equipment is available for the Unimog. All commercial customers and the public sector have three packages to choose from. These packages combine essential options and offer substantial price benefits over individual orders. The light package with its bi-xenon headlights as well as its daytime running lights, high beams, and work lamps, all with LED technology, ensure excellent lighting conditions both when driving on the road and when using the equipment. The options of the safety package ensure excellent performance when visibility is poor. These include a camera system with front and rear camera, reversing warning device, and the large instrument cluster with 12.7 cm diagonal screen and monitor and video function. The winter package includes, among other things, hot water heating, a heated windshield, and seat heating so that employees can perform their tasks in the best possible way at all times.