Evolution in design: The new Setra family face, a new character element and further development of the rear lights

  • The new Setra family face: Form and function perfectly combined
  • A Setra has character – the reason for a new character element
  • The new rear lights

Setra – the name has been the epitome of premium touring coaches for more than seven decades. The next generation of the Setra ComfortClass stands for a versatile touring coach concept that meets the highest requirements in terms of economy, safety and flexibility. HD ComfortClass models are particularly distinguished by their wide range of variants. They can be used to perfectly implement almost any business model. Exclusive TopClass HDH models take touring coach trips to a new level. Combined maximum long-distance comfort, individual luxury and technical excellence create a true travel experience. The exciting design and the latest assistance systems make the next generation of Setra touring coaches the flagship of any fleet.

The next generation of ComfortClass and TopClass also shows the new family face of the brand, and the range also includes a double-decker touring coach. Typical Setra: Although the design stands out noticeably from its predecessor models from every angle, it does so without making them look dated and less desirable. The design idiom represents evolution, not revolution. Equally typical for the premium brand: Although design is always a priority at Setra, the gentle changes in appearance also have practical advantages.

New Setra family face: Form and function perfectly combined

Premium brands such as Setra are characterized by a high recognition value – whether across generations or within the model range. The new Setra family face is an excellent example of this – form and function together with typical brand design elements form a perfect combination. The front of the vehicle emphasizes the close relationship between TopClass and ComfortClass. The brand lettering has been three-dimensionally crafted in chrome and appears to float on its glossy black background. Advantage of the dark background: It elegantly conceals the radar technology for assistance systems and the previously clearly visible cut-out for this purpose is hardly visible any more. Two clasps in chrome (TopClass) and silver (ComfortClass) frame the dark surface with the brand lettering like a piece of jewelry. In addition, a Kässbohrer badge now confidently highlights the origin and long tradition of the Setra brand.

Refined: The curved clasps transition laterally into a full LED lighting element. This light guide combines turn signals, daytime running lights and position lights. A Setra is not only elegant, it is also always practical: The lighting elements are identical on the left and right, experts speak of a transfer component. This makes it easier to keep spare parts on hand and thus to replace them, for instance if passengers fail to handle these components with care in the hard daily routine of a touring coach. Underneath the lighting elements, new, even brighter LED headlights (TopClass series, ComfortClass option) with their technical design similar to a theater spotlight also create visual highlights. The same applies to its housing in black chrome. Here, too, you can discover the Setra brand lettering if you look closely.

All of this combined results in an unmistakably independent brand face from a single source, harmonious and confident at the same time. Whether in the rear-view mirror of a vehicle in front or when the coach is moving towards a waiting group – a Setra is unmistakable.

A Setra has character – the reason for a new character element

A Setra has many beautiful sides as well as character – and consequently, we have added a new character element on the left and right-hand sides. The prominently positioned and three-dimensionally designed signet with also three-dimensional Setra brand lettering acts as an unmistakable, distinguishing feature. In the Setra TopClass this element is in chrome and silver in the ComfortClass. The new character element harmonizes perfectly with the legendary La Linea by Setra. Combined, the vehicle’s lines confidently underline the power of the large touring coach brand as well as the elegance and exemplary aerodynamics of the individual models.

New rear lights

Insiders jokingly call them “ant trails”: The unmistakable, dashed look of Setra rear lights. The next generation will feature strong, solid stripes – “ant trails” are transformed into “highways”. If you look closely you will discover the Setra brand lettering in the rear light. This is not only a statement, but also a means of preventing product piracy. The line print of the branding is illuminated by an LED strip inside the light.

The new design features mean a noticeable further development and modernization – but not a break with the successful past. They apply equally to ComfortClass, TopClass and the double-decker touring coach. The only difference: As before, the tried-and-tested turn signal without daytime running lights and position lights is installed in orange in the tallest Setra.