Canada-U.S. border saw $35B in October truck shipments

Trucks moved US$35.1 billion in freight between Canada and the U.S. in October 2022, accounting for more than half of the $65.4 billion in transborder freight that crossed the 49th parallel.

Combined with the $48.2 billion in freight that trucks moved across the U.S.-Mexico border, this marked a 12.9% increase in North America’s transborder truck freight compared to October 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics. All figures are reported in U.S. dollars.

The top three truck ports along the Canada-U.S. border included Detroit ($10.2 billion) and Port Huron, Mich. ($5.8 billion), and Buffalo, N.Y. ($5.8 billion). The top three commodities to move by truck included computers and parts ($5.7 billion), vehicles and parts ($4.7 billion), and electrical machinery ($2.4 billion).

The remaining Canada-U.S. shipments moved by pipeline ($10.3 billion), rail ($9.2 billion), air ($3.3 billion) and vessels ($3.2 billion).

A 7.4% increase in oil values between October 2022 and October 2021 contributed to the increases for pipelines and vessels.