Brake module corrosion continues to vex Daimler Truck

Third recall for same issue brings total of recalled units to more than 475,000

Daimler Truck North America is conducting a third safety recall – about 77,000 vehicles across seven model years in the U.S. and Canada – for brake module corrosion that could cause pulling to one side of the road, which could raise the possibility of a crash.

None of the three recalls involving more than 475,000 units has a crash associated. A miniscule number of vehicles have exhibited the condition among the number built between June 2016 and March 2022

Miniscule number of trucks in recall expected to exhibit issue

Less than 1% of the recalled models are likely to exhibit the condition. They are:

2022 Freightliner 114SD

2017-2023 Freightliner Cascadia

2022-2023 Western Star 47X

The latest recall reported on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website involves modules on vehicles with standard cruise control. Daimler told NHTSA it did not think those models had the condition. The first two recalls involved trucks with adaptive cruise control (ACC) that slows down and speeds up based on a driver’s setting.

In all three recalls, chemical corrosion could affect the functionality of the brake modulator valve. All braking force could apply to one front wheel end during braking by automated roll stability control or other non-driver initiated braking. That could result in a sudden change in vehicle direction due to uneven braking on the front axle. Regular service brakes do not have the condition.

Drivers may observe an antilock brake malfunction light prior to complete chemical corrosion contamination of the modulator valve.  

One report of brake pull of non-adaptive cruise control model

Daimler had looked for cases of non-adaptive cruise control models exhibiting the brake pull condition since September. It received a report from a driver in October. A controlled test in February found the possibility of a sudden unexpected brake pull during rare conditions with electronic stability control or rollover stability control activated.

“Out of abundance of caution, DTNA decided to initiate a new voluntary safety recall [covering] all vehicles equipped with painted and unpainted front brake modulator valves, covering the separate population that are not equipped with ACC,” the company said in its Feb. 10 NHTSA filing.

Affected vehicles will receive two front anodized modulator valves, one each for the left and right. Repairs will be conducted in phases based on vehicle locations. Repairs will be performed by DTNA authorized service facilities. Dealers and customers will be notified by first-class mail by April 10.  

The earlier recalls in July 2020 and November 2022 involved about 183,000 and 218,000 vehicles respectively.