Fourteen pronghorn dead after semi truck hit and run, Colorado authorities say

A semi truck driver reportedly struck a herd of pronghorn and left the scene, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife

The wildlife strike occurred on the morning of Tuesday, March 7, on U.S. 24 Highway west of Limon, Colorado.

According to CPW, a “semi truck hit and killed a herd of 14 pronghorn” amid fog and icy road conditions.

“Scattered in the ditch were bucks, does & yearlings,” the agency said in a social media post.

CPW described the incident as a “hit and run.” The Colorado State Patrol confirmed to CBS News that no accident report had been filed.

“Another reason to SLOW DOWN in bad weather,” CPW pointed out.

Pronghorn are similar to antelope and can reach speeds of 60 m.p.h