CHP reminds truckers to follow maximum CMV speed limit of 55 m.p.h

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) issued a reminder to truck drivers of the state’s speed limit for commercial vehicles after catching a truck exceeding the limit by 18 m.p.h.

On Monday, March 27, CHP’s Tracy Division shared a photo of a truck and a radar gun reading 73 m.p.h. along with a warning about California’s speed limit for CMVs.


Drivers, just a reminder, a 3-axle tractor and any vehicle (sedans, coupes, trucks) pulling a trailer, have a maximum speed limit of 55 MPH.

Other states may have different speed limit restrictions for commercial vehicles, but we’re in CA, and we will enforce the 55 MPH maximum speed limit.

Officers are heavily patrolling the Tracy triangle (I-205, I-580, I-5). Slow down and obey all traffic laws.

Let’s work together to make the roadways safe!”

The CHP’s Facebook post was met with frustrated comments about the state’s split speed limit policy and the low rate of speed that trucks are allowed to travel.

“Quite frankly, y’all need to get rid of that 55 mph speed limit as it creates a nuisance and with those that take unnecessary chances around big trucks, the more accidents occur. I don’t blame truckers for not wanting to go to California because of this reason among many others,” said one commenter.

One problem with that. Studies have shown that it’s actually less safe to have a split speed limit. It leads to more rear end collisions and increases road rage in the drivers who can go faster. If you want to make it safer then give trucks our own lane separate from the other maniacs going 80 plus. From a trucker who supports truckers,” another pointed out.

This limit causes more accidents and causes more problems than it solves. Speed does not kill. Speed differential kills. When everybody else is doing, let’s be honest 75 and above and you have tractor trailers doing 55, that’s a 20 mile an hour difference. I know that CHP is just doing their job by enforcing the laws, but we need to change this law,” a commenter concluded.