GLS Canada to introduce Lion6 electric trucks

GLS Canada – a provider of parcel, freight and logistics services – is purchasing four Lion6 battery-electric trucks for final mile deliveries.

“It brings us joy to support a local business and promote the local economy all while reducing our carbon footprint,” GLS Canada president Rick Barnes said in a press release, referring to the Quebec-headquartered Lion Electric.

The fleet itself is looking to generate zero emissions by 2045.

Two of the units will be operated by GLS drivers in Quebec, while the other two will be operated by Rosenau Transport in Western Canada. GLS Canada acquired that fleet in 2021.

By replacing four diesel-powered units, the fleet says it will save up to 400 tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions each year, equivalent to almost 80 cars on the road, or 40,000 liters of fossil fuel per year. 

GLS Canada is receiving support through Montreal’s Sustainable Development and Mobility Program, with a $1 million grant to develop a GLS Eco-Hub that includes charging infrastructure, additional green spaces, and other waste-reducing measures.

The charging infrastructure will be in place this spring.