Stowaway cat takes far-flung truck ride across southern Ontario

‘Harry’ isn’t chipped and the people who found the tabby are looking for its family

Driving on the 401 in southern Ontario is precarious at the best of times. So imagine being a cat tucked near the drive shaft of a truck rolling along the busiest stretch of highway in Canada. 

A driver with Beaver Door Systems from Mississauga believes that’s what happened to Harry, the name office staff gave the tabby, whose high-pitched meowing caught the driver’s attention when he stopped for a service call in London on Tuesday.

The cat had likely climbed inside the underbelly of the truck to get warm, and then the road trip began.

The truck started the day in Mississauga, making stops in Woodstock before the cat stuck its head out in London. 

“Our technician, Adam, just was like, ‘Come here, little guy,’ and he just came right on out,” said Victoria Ticzer, the company’s office manager. 

“We’ve actually been calling him Harrison Ford because he was found on our Ford truck. It’s Harry for short,” she said.

Cat laying on blanket, and looking very cute.
Harry has made an impression on Beaver Door Systems employees, who have offered to take the feline home if its family isn’t found. (Submitted by Victoria Ticzer)

Not wanting to leave the cat alone and far from home, the driver took Harry back to the office in Mississauga, where they also quickly found out how friendly the animal is.

“He curls up in your arms, and he’s just a loving little guy,” she said.

While the cat’s making itself at home in the office, sleeping on the couches, the search is on for Harry’s real family.

A social media post has resulted in dozens of comments from people claiming the cat is theirs. 

“Hey does the service truck ever happen to come to Woodstock?” said one commenter. “This looks like my cat but I’m not sure how he would have gotten to London unless he hitched a ride.”

Others simply shared well wishes and sympathy for Harry and the owners.

“Poor kitty. They must be so scared. Thank you for reporting/trying to find the owner,” another commenter said.

10.9 pounds of love

Ticzer said she knows the cat does not have a microchip, which would include a unique identification number, but the best guess is the cat’s approximately a year old and not neutered. 

The post also included the cat’s weight, 10.9 pounds, which was calculated using a shipping scale in their office.

Ticzer says she hopes the Harry's owners come forward to claim him, and is searching for them on social media.
The cat has been making itself at home at the Beaver Door Systems office. (Submitted by Victoria Ticzer)

“It’s difficult, because you see all these posts asking, ‘Is this my cat?’ and it’s heartbreaking to tell them, ‘I don’t think so,'” Ticzer said, adding things would be a lot simpler if Harry had been chipped by his owner.

“I would love to see him reunited with his family, but if not, he’s got a bunch of homes here,” she said.

In the meantime, the new feline staff member is being treated well. 

Ticzer said she and her team have made sure Harry has everything it needs, including new food dishes, food and a brand new bed.