Sheer Logistics Empowers Shippers to Maximize the Effectiveness of their Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms through Seamless TMS and ERP Integration

SheerExchange middleware cleanses, normalizes and eliminates critical gaps in supply chain data, delivering complete visibility for shipments across all modes

ST. LOUIS, Aug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sheer Logistics, a premier provider of Managed Transportation Services, TMS technology and Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) solutions purpose-built for mid-market companies, today announced a new, enhanced visibility capability made possible by its proprietary SheerExchange middleware. SheerExchange empowers shippers to maximize the capabilities of their Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms (RTTVP) through seamless integration of their TMS, ERP and other critical systems.

SheerExchange’s powerful automated data cleansing and normalization functions ensure that the data that is fed into RTTVPs is accurate and complete. SheerExchange eliminates critical gaps in transportation data that degrade supply chain visibility, including incomplete location IDs, missing SCAC codes, improperly formatted tractor IDs and more.

“Real-time visibility is essential to managing complex, modern supply chains,” said Rob Cook, CTO of Sheer Logistics. “Today’s RTTVPs can provide unprecedented supply chain visibility, but they are only as good as the data they receive from the shipper’s ERP. Integrating your RTTVP with your ERP is vital, as doing so allows shippers to take visibility and control to the next level, going beyond real time location of a truck to the location of specific products. SheerExchange is a critical link in the logistics technology stack that helps shippers get the most out of their RTTVP investment. With SheerExchange, business leaders get a more complete view of their supply chain that enhances their competitiveness and helps them achieve their goals.”

SheerExchange supports visibility for hub and spoke shipments by automatically sending an email to dispatchers, prompting them to enter the correct tractor ID into the TMS, even when the shipment has been passed from a truckload carrier to a local feeder and then back to a linehaul provider. This automatically updates SheerExchange with the correct tractor ID, initiating the tracking and maintaining visibility.

SheerExchange supports visibility for ocean moves by automatically capturing the SCAC code for the underlying ocean carrier (rather than the NVOCC) and the container number, and then integrating the clean data back into the shippers’ ERP system and to the RTTVP. This automated process eliminates the need for manual data entry. For inbound ocean shipments, SheerExchange automates “push” reporting for on-time load performance. The ability of SheerExchange to automate the normalization of supply chain data promotes visibility and results in greater efficiency and control for shippers, whether they are moving relatively simple “A to B” shipments or more complex, global, multi-modal moves.

Sheer Logistics further supports shippers’ real-time visibility needs through integrations with mobile device-based tracking. SheerExchange orchestrates the data flow between mobile devices and the TMS, ensuring that visibility is maintained, without requiring drivers to download or utilize a separate mobile app.

SheerExchange is an integration platform as a service (IPaaS) that connects disparate systems, automates data exchange, normalizes and warehouses the aggregated data, and provides easy access to actionable business intelligence creating massive efficiencies while significantly improving management decisions and change management. By connecting disparate systems and unifying data, SheerExchange enables shippers to create and leverage an integrated ecosystem of best-in-class technologies.

SheerExchange acts as a “universal translator” that quickly and seamlessly connects and automates the supply chain,¬†including vendors and industry leading technologies such as ERPs, Fuel Programs, Rating Engines, RTTVPs and more.¬†SheerExchange radically reduces TMS implementation timelines, accelerates time to value and empowers shippers to achieve their goals. Through SheerExchange, shippers can integrate their TMS, ERP, and other critical systems in a matter of weeks, not months.