New UNI-TOUCH operating concept for Unimog implement carrier – intuitive, flexible, no fuss

  • Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks presents new a Unimog operating concept at Agritechnica.
  • A Unimog implement carrier with new operating concept will enter series production from May 2024.
  • Also on display at the agricultural trade fair: The Unimog U 535 with tractor approval and 354 hp as well as the Unimog U 530 with hydraulic spring.

Leinfelden-Echterdingen / Hanover – Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks will be presenting the new UNI-TOUCH operating system for the Unimog implement carrier at Agritechnica, the leading trade fair for technological innovations in agriculture. The new features of the operating concept focus on the comprehensively revised center console, a touchscreen and a more flexible positioning of the joystick.

The manufacturer will also be presenting two other vehicles for agricultural and forestry use at Stand D38 in Hall 6: The powerful Unimog U 535 delivering 260 kW (354 hp) and the Unimog U 530 with the newly developed hydropneumatic suspension on the rear axle, which provides stabilization when driving and when working with heavy loads and is intended to aid the coupling and uncoupling of implements. In the field, the Unimog can carry out the usual tasks of a farmer with suitable implements. The advantages of the highway-compatible Unimog are particularly relevant for transport over longer distances.

The new UNI-TOUCH operating concept: Leaner, more flexible and customizable

The center console has a leaner design and can be moved sideways as well as forward and back. The number of control elements has also been reduced to save space, increase intuitiveness and speed up operation. This is made possible by the customizable assignment of buttons for quick access to frequently used functions.

A 10.5 inch (26 cm) touchscreen allows the user to make the right settings for the job at hand. Operating procedures can be programmed via the screen so that an individually preconfigurable process, which would otherwise require a number of separate operating steps, can be initiated at the touch of a button. For a mirror-free viewing angle with almost any driver height and posture, the screen can be rotated and the angle can be adjusted.

The multifunction joystick also has freely assignable control elements that can be used for preprogrammed sequences. A feature of the new UNI-TOUCH operating concept is that the joystick can be fitted in advance directly on the right-hand folding armrest. This ensures that the main control element is therefore closer to the driver’s seat position, they can put their arm on the armrest and operate the implement easily even during extended use. In addition, the joystick moves with the vehicle’s up and down movements while driving because of the fixed connection to the suspension seat. This eliminates the need for sudden adjustments.

If required, the joystick can also be fitted on the right armrest of the front passenger seat. If VarioPilot® dual-mode steering is used and the implement is controlled by the front passenger or from the front passenger seat, operation can be carried out as usual with the right hand. The capacitive hand detection increases operating safety: The joystick only performs instructions when it is controlled by a human hand.

Other elements of the new operating concept are the start/stop button, which replaces the traditional ignition key of the implement carrier and the new door control panels on the driver, front passenger and optional mowing doors. With the new operating concept, the practical central locking system also becomes series equipment.

The new UNI-TOUCH operating concept will be installed as standard in every Unimog of the implement carrier model series U 219 – U 535 from the second quarter of 2024.

Powerful Unimog U 535 with tractor approval

The high engine output of the Unimog U 535 with 260 kW (354 hp) meets the requirements of many customers in the heavy duty sector with gross weights of up to 16.5 tons. In combination with the mechanical power take-off shaft for full use of the engine output, this allows power-demanding implements such as a wood chipper to be operated.

The Unimog can accelerate up to 89 km/h. With the synergetic EasyDrive traction system, it is possible to switch quickly between the manual transmission and hydrostatic transmission for smooth driving at up to 50 km/h. In work mode, EasyDrive allows the working speed to be continuously adjusted independently of the engine speed and maintained using the cruise control function. With the tirecontrol plus tire pressure control system, the driver can release air from the tires in the field at the touch of a button and reinflate them on the road, even while driving. The larger contact area of the tires increases traction and promotes driving and working with low impact on the ground.

With accreditation as a towing vehicle or according to EU type approval for high-speed tractors (official designation: T1b), the Unimog benefits from tax and toll concessions and exemption from the EC tachograph and driver card, and avoids the driving restriction on Sundays and public holidays. Limited to 60 km/h, a tractor driver’s license is sufficient to drive the Unimog.

Makes coupling and uncoupling simple: Unimog U 530 with hydraulic spring

The Unimog U 530 is equipped with the newly developed hydropneumatic suspension on the rear axle to make work more efficient and comfortable. The new suspension system is based on gas reservoirs and hydraulic cylinders instead of the usual coil springs and is available for the 400 and 500 model series. The hydraulic spring was only presented to the public by Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks a few months ago at the Demopark trade fair and will now demonstrate its advantages at Agritechnica. The special suspension keeps the vehicle frame stable at the same height, regardless of the load and its position. This ensures more stable handling, particularly with high supporting and rear axle loads and with loads on one side due to large implements.

The hydraulic spring also allows a faster implement change: In the driver’s cab, the height of the vehicle frame can be lowered by up to 16 cm at the touch of a button for simpler and faster coupling and uncoupling. The hydraulic spring is available as an optional extra.

The Unimog U 530 on display with the Krone Easy Cut B mower combination also comes with agricultural equipment for farming: Front and rear power lifts with hoist control, front power take-off shaft and mechanical rear power take-off shaft for full use of the engine output, EasyDrive, tire pressure control system and high ground clearance. The user can connect additional components via ISOBUS. The cooler can be cleaned quickly with the Cleanfix function, even after dusty work. The high driving speed makes it possible to move quickly from one field to the next on the road, especially during the intensive harvesting period. This gives the driver of the Unimog a greater working range and more efficient use of short harvest time windows.