Semi-truck stop at Ambassador Bridge leads to large drug seizure, Toronto couple charged

Authorities on both sides of the border say a Toronto couple is facing charges after allegedly trying to smuggle 300 kilograms of methamphetamines into Windsor.

The investigation began on March 4, they said, when a semi-truck was crossing into Canada at the Ambassador Bridge. It was believed to be carrying a legitimate shipment of goods.

In a statement, authorities said the drugs were found during a secondary inspection.

The driver was arrested at the scene and eventually released.

“CBSA border services officers are committed to ensuring public safety,” said Joseph Chayeski with the Canada Border Services Agency at the Ambassador Bridge.

Canada-bound trucks backed up on the Ambassador Bridge on March 23, 2018.
Canada-bound trucks backed up on the Ambassador Bridge on March 23, 2018.

Canada-bound trucks are shown backed up on the Ambassador Bridge. (Cheri Centala/Detroit International Bridge Company)

“Their careful attention has led to one of the largest land border seizures of methamphetamines for the agency. This is tremendous work by all involved.”

After further investigation, it’s believed the drugs were coming from a 31-year-old Toronto man and his partner, a 33-year-old woman also from Toronto.

Police allege the man was later observed at his home in a moving van, which they stopped. According to police, it had 120 kilograms of cocaine inside.

Police said a search at the couple’s home allegedly found meth, opium, MDMA and marijuana.

All told, authorities say the probe netted a street value of around $13 million worth of illicit drugs.

“CBSA and the RCMP continue to get positive results from our collaboration to protect Canada’s borders,” said Rae Bolsterli with RCMP.

“This seizure of cash and contraband is one more example of how our combined services are keeping Ontario citizens safe from criminal activities.”