Oversized load on transport truck appears to hit highway overpass in Burnaby

It appears another transport truck may have hit an overpass in Metro Vancouver, the second incident less than two weeks into the new year.

Images from Highway 1 eastbound in Burnaby showed a truck stopped under the Gilmore Street overpass with part of its load under the bridge and part outside of it.

The large cylindrical objects seem like they may be too tall to fit under the bridge, but Burnaby RCMP says officers aren’t positive the bridge was actually hit.

“We have opened a file to determine the circumstances, including whether the truck made any contact with the overpass,” Mounties told Daily Hive Urbanized.

The incident happened as Metro Vancouver saw its first snowfall of the season, which caused chaos on roads around the region. There was a pileup crash in Richmond involving 25 or more vehicles, there were spun-out cars and buses on many icy roads, and transit users waited hopelessly for buses that seemed never to come.