Government of Canada Launches Project to Identify Internal Trade and Labour Mobility Barriers in the Trucking Sector

On behalf of the Privy Council Office (PCO) and the Government of Canada, Altis Consulting is conducting a pilot research project to identify barriers to internal trade and labour mobility in the trucking sector. This research will help develop creative policy solutions to facilitate the movement of trucks and workers across provinces and territories and will involve several focus group discussions open to fleets across Canada to participate in multiple different areas of interest.

Over the last several months, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) and some provincial associations have been working with PCO and members across the country on identifying interprovincial and internal trade barriers. This process culminated with the completion of CTA’s interprovincial trade barriers report highlighting multiple areas of focus including aligning winter maintenance standards, oversize/overweight sector issues, and other illogical policies creating extra burden and costs for our sector.

The PCO is currently looking for participants (business and workers in the trucking sector) to take part in discussion groups during the months of March and April 2024. The purpose of this phase of the research project is to understand how barriers to internal trade and labour mobility affect members of the trucking sector differently.

Areas of interest to be covered through the discussion groups include: identifying labour mobility issues between provinces; trade barriers effecting rural, remote, and Northern areas; barriers affecting Atlantic Canada, small businesses, and other groups.

Fleets and interested individuals are encouraged to learn more about the these working group discussions, including session dates and registration links by viewing the information provided in English – Trade Barriers Discussion Groups_public and French – Inscription – Groupes de discussion_public. The deadline to register for the discussion groups is March 18.

All focus groups will be bilingual, and participants will have the opportunity to speak in the official language of their choice. For reporting purposes, all input will be aggregated, and no confidential or proprietary information will be included.