Reaching for the stars: Super motorhomes visiting Daimler Truck’s Wörth truck plant

Wörth am Rhein – Dump truck, box body, cooler, the Industry Information Center at the Daimler Truck Wörth truck plant is best known for its vehicle exhibition with an enormous range of Mercedes-Benz trucks with bodies. However, on the second weekend of March 2024, the area next to the plant gate was a sight to see: 15 super class motorhomes had gathered for a visit to the plant. Their owners received comprehensive information about the production of the trucks bearing the star. The common platform for the absolute top-of-the-line motorhomes is the Mercedes Benz Actros.

And if the vehicle has to be more compact, but not less luxurious inside, then the platform is often a Mercedes-Benz Atego.

The event was organized by an association of motorhome owners. All vehicles are perfectly equipped in terms of technology and comfort according to the demands of their owners. It was a return home for the visiting vehicles.