Tim Hortons Opens Up Hundreds Of Public Washrooms For Truckers

The Ontario government has been asking businesses to help drivers.

Tim Hortons will open washrooms and front counters at 400 of its locations near major highways to truckers as governments call for business to support drivers transporting essential goods.

In recent days, truck drivers across Canada have been increasingly been denied access to basic services such as washrooms amid the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting government leaders to urge businesses to continue providing assistance to travelling truckers.

Tim Hortons, which closed in-store seating at its locations in mid-March, said Thursday it will open more than 400 restaurants along Canadian highways to truck drivers, providing access to front-counter service for food and drink purchases, as well as access to washrooms that are sanitized every 15 minutes. The company is also working with restaurant owners to roll out a new curb-side mobile ordering system.

“Canada is relying on frontline essential workers to get us through the COVID-19 crisis and truck drivers play an integral role in keeping the country running,” Tim Hortons chief operating officer Mike Hancock said in a statement.

“We know there have been barriers for truck drivers in accessing clean washrooms and food and drinks to keep them going during their work. We made it a priority to address these issues and we continue to work on how we can better serve truck drivers and all guests.”

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