COVID-19 Daily Bulletins: April 13

UPDATE: BC Isolation Plan Policy Exempts Truck Drivers

After some clarification, BC has updated its self-isolation plan requirements to exempt truck drivers who do not exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 and certain other occupations upon entry to BC from having to create a self-isolation plan.  See details below.

“Workers exempt from the federal Quarantine Act do not have to create a self-isolation plan

  • They are not required to self-isolate for 14 days

A person who provides an essential service:

  • Transportation crew on any plane, train, bus or marine vessel
  • A person invited by the federal Minister of Health to assist with the COVID-19 response
  • A member of the Canadian Forces or a visiting force
  • A person who provides an essential service:
    • Persons making necessary medical deliveries
    • Asymptomatic people in the trade and transportation sector who are important for the movement of goods, including: truck drivers
    • Asymptomatic people who have to cross the border regularly to go to work, including:
      • Health care sector
      • Critical infrastructure workers
    • Asymptomatic people who have to cross the border to provide or receive essential services, including: 
      • Emergency responders
      • Personnel providing essential services to Canadians related to the COVID-19 outbreak
  • A person whose presence in Canada is in the national interest (as defined by federal Ministers)
  • A person permitted to work in Canada as a provider of emergency services
  • A person providing medical care or transporting medical equipment, supplies or means of treatment
  • A person who enters Canada to receive essential medical services or treatments, other than services or treatments for COVID-19”

T.O. Holiday Inn Airport Promo

The Holiday Inn on Dixon Rd. near the Toronto airport is pleased to offer exclusive rate for the members of the Ontario Trucking Association & Canadian Trucking Alliance effective immediately.

Rate & Inclusions

  • A special, discounted a day-use rate of $79.00/r/n plus taxes (valid from 9am to 5pm) with parking only OR
  • An overnight stay rate of $99.00/r/n plus taxes with hot breakfast and parking
  • Complimentary on site parking for the duration of the stay.
  • Hot Breakfast (in take-out form) from Perkins Family Restaurant.
  • Take-out options for lunch and dinner from our Perkins Family Restaurant Menu (all day breakfast type menu) plus access to the lobby market place which is stocked with fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads, yoghurt, candy bars, chips, juices, pop and water.

For the ease of making reservations, please s call or email the Front Desk Managers on:

You can also call 416-240-4384 (D) or 416-676-9457 (Cell) for reservation assistance.

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