Trucking industry sees subtle change since March as Canada-U.S. border restrictions remain

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A new report out suggests the Canada-U.S. border closure could be extended through until the end of July.

Truckers are still deemed essential, so it won’t impact their business. At least not too much.

Dave Earle is the president of the BC Trucking Association, he says that while the amount of traffic for the semis is pretty steady, it’s the volume of what they’re shipping that’s gone down since the border closed in late March.

“That’s a reflection of economic activity,” Earle says.

“If we don’t have as many things being made and being shipped, there’s just not as much freight.”

Earle says they have seen a fracturing of the chain – what he means is more people are ordering more individual products online which will continue to keep the truck traffic up at the border. Because those online orders aren’t typically in bulk, there might not be as much to haul.

“You and I aren’t going to shop at 18 different stores and spending money on a Saturday afternoon. We’re at home ordering stuff so there’s a bit more of a fracture. That’s why (semi) traffic has come up a little bit.” Earle added.

Earle did offer praise for the way things have been handled since the world went on pause back in March.

“I hesitate to use the term success story, but I think it’s been a story of resilience. Operations at the border have been very fluid. All agencies have been very focused. We’ve worked very diligently to put in safe practices to ensure that the work can continue.”

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