Chelle Trucking & Logistics Set to Launch on July 13 to High Anticipation

Finding a game-changing third-party logistics company in the US and Canada doesn’t have to be a headache. Chelle Trucking & Logistics is answering the call.

Chelle Trucking & Logistics, a subsidiary of Chelle Service Capital, a real property and technology company headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, is about to make waves in the supply-chain technology world. In exciting news, Chelle Trucking & Logistics has announced its official launch scheduled for July 13, 2020. The company’s mission is to provide freight management and logistics services at a fraction of the cost of larger brokerage companies who face higher overhead expenses. In addition, Chelle Trucking & Logistics also makes available a self-service platform that streamlines the freight delivery process and makes it remarkably more efficient. The enthusiasm surrounding the grand opening is high.

“Here at Chelle Trucking & Logistics, we are committed to optimizing your freight management process and providing industry-leading customer service,” commented Ronice Harrison, CEO, and Founder. “Giving you access to the latest and most cutting-edge technology so you can focus on building your business.”

Experts and insiders agree the right approach to supply-chain technology is critical for business growth and services competitiveness. The company’s technology-first approach to logistics and supply-chain management meets or exceeds these needs while ensuring excellent customer service and reliable delivery.

Chelle Trucking & Logistics has a long list of advantages over larger companies in the industry. Some bright highlights include being able to undercut the competition’s price due to not being asset-based and having a fraction of their overhead while maintaining the same level of service.

The company is happy to offer Full Freight Tracking capabilities, a mobile app (coming soon), Contingent Cargo Insurance, and professional Customs Management.

Chelle Trucking & Logistics stands firmly behind their competitive pricing advantage, assuring that they will match any legitimate quote given by any third-party logistics companies.

For more information on Chelle Trucking & Logistics, be sure to visit, email or call the team at 1-888-341-7983.

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