CTA monitoring CBSA systems-related border delays

OTTAWA, Ont. – The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is monitoring Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)-related delays at the border, and hopes to see a resolution by Friday.

Trade-related data processing delays affected CBSA Nov. 3, due to high processing demand and CBSA IT systems issues involving recurring transactions in their system, CTA reported. This has led to a severe backlog and slow processing times for cross-border shipments.

CBSA has blamed a combination of several updates and maintenance being performed on its IT systems over recent weeks, and has told CTA it is working 24/7 to resolve the issues.

The agency says its regional directors are working to ensure all commercial lanes open to deal with the backlog.

The CBSA says some processing issues have been resolved as of this morning and the backup is beginning to clear, though some ports of entry are still experiencing delays.

“Although there is no way to expedite a resolution until a root cause is found, CBSA is well aware and understands the significant concerns and costs being incurred by industry,” the CTA said in a release. “CTA will continue to provide any meaningful updates when they are provided by the agency.”