Teamsters, UPS Canada ratify five-year collective agreement

LAVAL, Que. – Teamsters Canada and UPS Canada have ratified a five-year collective agreement covering frontline workers, including drivers.

The deal concludes five months of “intense negotiations,” Teamsters reported. More than 9,300 workers are covered.

“Our union has been able to secure financial and other improvements in the working conditions of these hard-working Canadians on the frontlines of this pandemic. This recognizes the critical role they have been playing in the supply chain since the outbreak of this crisis,” said the national president of Teamsters Canada, François Laporte.

Teamsters said the deal improves wages, the pension plan, benefits, and hours of work provisions. A policy on facial hair has been loosened, allowing neat and well-trimmed beards.

“This agreement provides continued stability to both our employees and customers for the next five years,” said Dominic Porporino, president of UPS Canada. “At a time when so many Canadians are relying on supply chains for essential goods, ratification shows our employees’ commitment to continue to serve our customers, and rewards them with enhancements to their compensation and benefits.”

“I would like to thank all the members who took part in this important process. I would especially like to thank and congratulate everyone on the bargaining committee for the long hours they put into these negotiations which took place under unusual and difficult circumstances,” added Laporte.