TruckLabs’ TruckWings Gains First Canadian Fleet Customer

TruckLabs announced J&R Hall, a Canadian family owned and operated trucking company, became the first Canadian fleet to adopt TruckLabs’ patented TruckWings technology.

Based in Ayr, Ontario, J&R Hall started a pilot program to test TruckWings, an aerodynamic hardware solution that closes the tractor-trailer gap, on two trucks in February 2020. The goal was to measure how the hardware would perform during Canada’s harsh winter weather.

The company saw 3.9% fuel savings over three months and now plans to implement TruckWings on 20 diesel trucks within their fleet, Redwood City, Calif.-based TruckLabs (formerly XStream Trucking) reported.

TruckWings has logged more than 200 million miles of highway driving and provides an average fuel savings of 4% to 6%, which reduces fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions, TruckLabs noted. The slightly lower fuel savings J&R Hall achieved during the pilot is due to the company installing TruckWings on trucks with sleeper berths, which have less of a tractor-trailer gap than trucks without sleeper berths.

“Our main concerns for our fleet were sustained durability of our trucks and increasing our fuel savings,” J&R Hall President Jeff Hall said in a release. “TruckLabs has answered both of those calls.”