Border-crossing truck drivers told to use ArriveCAN app

Truck drivers crossing the Canada-U.S. border are now required to submit travel and contact information when entering Canada.

The requirement became effective at midnight as one of the latest procedures to help limit the spread of Covid-19.

Those who don’t have a smartphone and the preferred ArriveCAN app have the option of using a related web portal or oral declaration. Drivers will need an email address if using the web portal.

“The oral declaration is only being allowed to facilitate the movement of cross-border trade until a reasonable transition timeframe has elapsed, which is still to be determined,” the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) says in a bulletin to members.

“While it is not mandatory for the information to be submitted in advance of crossing the border at this time, the use of ArriveCAN for travellers to submit their information in advance of the border is strongly recommended,” Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) adds.

Truck drivers will need to enter travel and contact information but are not required to complete the quarantine portion of the questionnaire.

“In conversations with CBSA, they have ensured us that operationally their directive remains the same, to help facilitate the industry towards compliance,” the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada says in its message to members.

“They are not looking to begin laying fines right out of the gate, but instead educate our drivers and our industry towards compliance. That being said, officers do have the capability of laying fines as of Monday, so although unlikely, it is possible.”

U.S.-based truck drivers will have to follow the same procedures when entering Canada. Unlike Canadian citizens, US Citizens can be denied entry for not complying with the act.

The app is available for free through