Behind allegations Mexican truckers are breaking US cabotage rules — Long-Haul Crime Log

Recent reports of drivers breaking terms of visas dredges up one of the most controversial issues in cross-border trucking

This week’s episode of FreightWaves’ true-crime podcast, Long-Haul Crime Log, investigates one of the most controversial issues in cross-border trucking: cabotage violations. In the U.S., these occur when truckers based in Mexico or Canada illegally transport domestic freight. 

Co-host and FreightWaves reporter Noi Mahoney digs into recent allegations that truckers from Mexico are doing illegal runs within the U.S. and why it may be hurting the industry on both sides of the border.

Mexican truck drivers with B-1 business visas are allowed to move cross-border freight. Sources in the trucking industry told Mahoney that some are moving domestic freight, illegally, at substantially lower rates than their U.S. counterparts.

Beyond the recent allegations, the episode explores the thorny issue of cabotage and long-standing fears about Mexican and Canadian drivers illegally moving U.S. domestic freight.