Uber Freight Expands Self-Service Shipper Platform to Canada

Uber Freight, a digital freight brokerage service, has announced the launch of the Canadian iteration of its Self-Service Shipper platform. The solution is designed to ease industry related challenges, including driver shortages, in order to increase efficiency in the sector and reduce trucks running empty miles across North America. 

The platform will provide Canadian shippers with a direct plug-in to Uber freight’s carrier network, and it offers all shippers real-time access to market prices and capacity. In addition, shippers will be able to tender their loads, get quotes, and and track shipments in real time. 

Capabilities of the platform include:

  • Streamlined load tendering
  • Real-time, transparent price quotes for shipment based on market conditions.
  • Access to Uber Freight’s network of carriers and drivers:
  • The ability to track shipments online at any time of day with automatic notifications for major milestones
  • Automatic organization and storage of necessary documents and paperwork

About Uber Freight

Launched in 2017, Uber Freight is essentially “Uber for trucking,” and is a digital freight brokerage service that offers data tools to carriers and shippers. Its app matches truck drivers with cargo that needs shipping. It also claims to help shippers tender loads faster and says it can tender loads from start to finish. Using the technology platform (via Uber Freight app or website), shippers can input load details into the system. Truck drivers or dispatchers provide market prices and agree to the terms, and within minutes, they can make a match.