Two more ELDs achieve Canadian certification

Two more electronic logging devices (ELDs) have been added to Transport Canada’s list of third-party-certified devices.

Diesel Tech Industries’ Guardian E-log and Pedigree Technologies’ Cab-Mate One have joined Hutch Systems’ Hutch Connect on the list as the first three devices approved for use by third-party certification bodies. There are now three certification bodies approved to test and certify the devices.

Diesel Tech says the certification process was thorough, requiring more than 400 testing procedures.

“We have passed all of these tests with flying colors,” the company said in a release.

The company is based in Edmonton, and its devices manufactured domestically.

“Our multidisciplinary, in-house team is filled with technical specialists and engineers,” the company said in a release. “We take pride that our team members, from firmware developers to mechanical engineers, have real-world prototyping experience. Having taken all of Diesel Tech Industries’ products from development to production, and ultimately to market. We are scalable and ready to meet the demands of several projects, simultaneously.”

A list of approved devices can be found here.