Carrier Transicold’s ACT Expo Showcase: Sustainable Electric Innovations for Zero-Emission Performance

A trio of technologies for zero-emission transport refrigeration and truck-cab cooling were among the products featured by Carrier Transicold at the recent Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, a showcase of innovations driving environmental sustainability on North American roadways.

At the event, Carrier unveiled its new zero-emission electric Supra® truck refrigeration concept unit and spotlighted its Vector eCool™ engineless trailer refrigeration technology alongside a new lithium-ion battery powered ComfortPro® auxiliary power unit (APU) that provides truck cab air conditioning without engine idling.

“Carrier Transicold is committed to developing efficient and sustainable technologies that reduce or eliminate fuel consumption and emissions,” said Mike Noyes, Vice President and General Manager, Truck Trailer Americas, Carrier Transicold. “Regulators and fleets are calling for zero-emission technologies, particularly in California. Likewise, many fleets are seeking electric technologies that are more sustainable and can also reduce operating costs by cutting fuel consumption and reducing maintenance.”

“We are excited to be at the forefront of these converging interests with products designed to help our customers stay compliant and reach their sustainability goals,” Noyes said.

Among the sustainable transportation technologies Carrier Transicold spotlighted at the ACT Expo were:

  • Supra Electric Truck Refrigeration Unit Design – Carrier Transicold’s first zero-emission truck refrigeration unit capable of delivering maximum range while running under its own battery power or the power module of a battery-electric vehicle.
  • Vector eCool Engineless Trailer Refrigeration Technology – An autonomous engineless trailer refrigeration system, Vector eCool technology combines Carrier’s innovative all-electric Vector platform with a cutting-edge energy recovery and storage system.
  • ComfortPro Lithium-Ion Electric APU – Delivering quiet, emissions-free cooling for truck driver rest breaks, the model 250ION is the first electric APU capable of providing extended air conditioning runtimes previously only attainable by diesel-powered APUs.

More details about the technologies showcased by Carrier Transicold at the ACT Expo will be provided in future editions of eFLASH. For additional information about products and services from Carrier Transicold for the trucking industry, turn to the experts in Carrier Transicold’s North America dealer network.

Brummionline Press