Neither Mud, nor Rocks, nor Snow Will Prevent the Fat Truck From Reaching the Job Site

Dealing with Canada’s terrains is no walk in the park, and you need a rugged machine to help you get your job done. Whether it is mud, rocks, snow, or any other harsh land or water environment, this amphibious vehicle from Zeal Motor can conquer them all.

Zeal Motor is based in Quebec, Canada, so it was well aware of the need for such a wheeler in the utility industry. Enter the Fat Truck pickup version 2.8P. This isn’t the first model released by the company either, as the Fat Truck was in fact introduced in 2019, as a 2.8C version suitable for energy and mining purposes. It served companies all over the world, from Canada and the U.S. to Australia and Scandinavia.

Built as an industrial vehicle, the new 2.8P Fat Truck is meant to carry your tools and materials to the job site, no matter what kind of terrain it has to cope with to get there. Designed as the pickup version of the Fat Truck, it facilitates working in hard-to-reach job sites.

The new truck boasts a payload capacity of 2,200 lbs (1,000 kg) and has a passenger capacity of eight people. Two can sit in the front and the other six in the rear. This new fat boy measures 146,5 in (3,720 mm) in length, 100 in (2,540 mm) in width, and 103 in (2,620 mm) in height. It comes in an open cab or closed canopy version. 

Zeal Motor can travel at speeds of up to 25 mph (40 kph) and can climb steep muddy hills up to a 75 grade. When at its maximum payload, it has a footprint of 1.6 psi, which the company says is five times less than a human footprint.

A plethora of options are available for the machine, depending on how versatile you need it to be. You can opt for an additional battery, front and rear shackles, studs for ice, a backup camera, directional light with remote control, an electronic inclinometer, a ventilation fan, a cold-weather package, a rear ladder, high-speed capstan, water tank, storage box, tow package, transportation trailer, transportation rack, and amphibious trailer, to name just the most important of them.

Zeal Motor hasn’t specified a price for the 2.8P Fat Truck yet, but you can see it displayed today and until September 30, at the Utility Expo in Louisville, Kentucky. It will be in booth N1819.