Ontario to require ELDs for provincially regulated carriers

Ontario plans to mandate electronic logging devices (ELDs) for inter- and intra-provincial carriers effective June 12, 2022, building on a mandate that already applies to federally regulated carriers.

“This will provide consistency and help level the playing field for all carriers regardless of where the carrier operates,” the Ontario Ministry of Transportation says in a related notice.

While federally regulated carriers – those that cross provincial borders – are already mandated to use such devices, enforcement was deferred until that date, in part because no ELDs were certified. The mandate itself became effective this June.

Transport Canada has since certified six ELD models as meeting underlying technical standards.

Bus drivers operating solely within Ontario will also be required to use a certified ELD as of July 1, 2023.

There are some exemptions including commercial vehicles that operate within a 160 km radius, equipment that is rented no longer than 30 days, and trucks manufactured before Model Year 2000.

“OTA congratulates [Transport Minister Caroline] Mulroney and the team at MTO for moving forward with this critical regulatory amendment, which will align MTO with Transport Canada’s efforts on ELDs, improve road safety, and level the competitive playing field for all companies operating in Ontario,” OTA chairman Wendell Erb said in a related statement.