Lifting of US International Travel Ban and Impact on Travel/Admissibility for Canadian Truck Drivers

With the US border reopening on November 8 and with many Canadians, including truck drivers, beginning to travel more internationally, CTA members have asked what impact these changes will have on US admissibility for Canadian truck drivers who choose to travel under these new border rules.

With phase 1 of the US reopening already in effect, CTA can confirm that the White House has revoked all prior proclamations suspending entry into the U.S. for foreign nationals who have travelled to several countries 14-days prior to arriving in the US.

Prior to the lifting of this proclamation, Canadian truck drivers that had travelled to countries on the US ban list and were trying to enter the US, were being denied entry until they completed their mandatory 14-day quarantine to meet admissibility requirements.

The White House proclamation indicating the suspension of entry being lifted for all countries can be found in Section 1 of the notice available here.

Travel requirements that have been implemented by the US on November 8 for land border crossers can be found here for more information.