Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks to exhibit a Unimog U 5023 – used for combating wildfires – at the Rettmobil in Fulda

The Unimog U 5023 with Rosenbauer TLF 3000 fire service equipment is a special vehicle for combating wildfires. Due to climate change, the number of vegetation and forest fires is increasing throughout the world, including in Germany. At the same time, there are more and more floods. This is changing the day to day work of fire departments. The Unimog U 5023  TLF 3000 fire service vehicle for°combating fires and ensuring water supply to fight fires, predominantly in off-road environments, has been designed in accordance with the fire-fighting vehicle standard DIN 14530.°

With a length of around 7,500 mm and a width of 2,500 mm, the TLF°3000 is compact in size, with a height of 3,300 mm. The Rosenbauer body, taken from the tried-and-tested modular MT aluminum profile, has an equipment compartment on each side. The PP extinguishing water container with a volume of 3,500°liters has been integrated directly into the body framework as an individual module. A type FPN°10–2,000 centrifugal fire-extinguishing pump is installed at the rear with a nominal flow rate of 2,000°liters/min at a nominal delivery pressure of 10 bar, powered by the vehicle’s engine. The pump is operated via a digital control panel with a 10-inch color display. It can be operated by touch or, as you would expect, with buttons that are suitable for operation with gloves. The bumper turret supports up to 1,500 l/min extinguishing water. This makes it particularly effective in combating wildfires thanks to its high level of mobility. As a means of protecting the vehicle and occupants during any required evacuation from a danger zone, the TLF°3000 has water nozzles on the underbody and above the cab, as well as a 300 l tank. An extended heat protection sheathing on the supply lines to the transmission and cable protection form a heat shield when fighting wildfires. A direct injection foam proportioning system has been permanently installed. It is supplied from a 150 l foam tank. LED surround lighting, which is integrated into the side of the roof trims, guarantees bright vehicle surroundings when used at night, within a radius of up to approx. 25 meters. Additional high-intensity LED headlamps are installed at the front and rear. The visual emergency light warning system by Hänsch also uses LED technology. It also attracts attention audibly with its siren system with four horns. When reversing, a reversing camera provides support to drivers.