First Try-it Days of the Trucking Career Immersion Program a triumph

On May 4 and 18, CargoM, the Logistic and Transportation Metropolitan Cluster of Montréal, held its first Trucking Try-it Days as part of the Trucking Career Immersion Program (TCIP) launched in April. We were fortunate to have about fifteen participants who were thrilled to be introduced to the truck driving profession. Throughout both days, they took part in information sessions, practical tests and workplace visits to CargoM member Groupe Morneau, which is actively involved in this new initiative that it is widely hoped will attract newcomers to the industry.

“We have been providing driver training at our company in partnership with the CFTR road transport training centre since 2020. The work-study program makes it much easier for candidates to fit into our teams and enables them to take an active part in the life of the company. We enthusiastically welcome the first participants in the TCIP and are pleased to show them the many advantages and career opportunities available at Groupe Morneau.” Marie-Claude Hébert, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, Groupe Morneau    

It is important to remember that the trucking industry is going through an endemic labour shortage that is bound to get worse in the coming years as people retire. In addition to promoting the sector, the TCIP ensures that the people who apply for the Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) truck driver program, should they choose this path, will do so with a realistic understanding of a career in this occupation.

 “The participants were very satisfied with the activities and told us that they had learned a lot about this profession, which is actually quite hands-on and visible, but with many aspects that remain unknown to the general public. In addition to the activities, those who wish to move forward and register for the Trucking DVS will have access to the services of a guidance counsellor who will be able to support them in their efforts. We are certain that with the large-scale promotional campaign in full swing and with the TCIP gaining in popularity, the next few days will also be a success. CargoM would like to thank Groupe Morneau for their contribution. We are pleased to announce that other companies, including Groupe Robert, have confirmed their participation in the TCIP. This will allow us to offer more diversity to future cohorts.” Mathieu Charbonneau, Executive Director of CargoM.

The activities are free. Other Try-it Days are set for June 2 and 14. To learn more or to register, please visit or our social media channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.

The Trucking Career Immersion Program (TCIP) is made possible through funding from the Conseil emploi métropole. CargoM is proud to work on this project in collaboration with the sectoral labour committee of the road transport industry Camo-Route, and with the road transport training centre located in Saint-Jérôme, the CFTR.