Owners reunited with Jaxx after family pet stolen with truck

The dog was found in St. Thomas, Ont., after he was stolen from the Masonville area

A Strathroy couple has been reunited with their dog after he was stolen, along with their pickup truck, in north London, Ont., in early June.

Jaxx, an 18-month Mastiff-Shepherd mix, was in the back seat when thieves broke in, making off with the truck and the dog. 

Owner Austin Flegel, 20, credits the community for keeping watch for Jaxx and sending almost daily queries of dogs spotted around the region.

He said social media allowed people to send videos and photos of dogs that looked like Jaxx until, finally, someone found the animal on Sunday in St. Thomas.

“It was a big relief. We were losing hope. He’s lost weight and he’s covered in ticks, but we’re taking him to the vet today,” Flegel said. 

The couple had stopped for about 10 minutes at Pet Smart at Fanshawe Park Road and Richmond Street to get dog treats. Flegel said Jaxx seemed scared, so they left him in the vehicle with the windows cracked and doors locked.

The truck, a black 2002 Chevrolet Silverado with orange trim on the hood and grill, is still missing as police continue to investigate. The licence place is AP44762.

Flegel doubts he’ll ever see the vehicle again, but is grateful to have found Jaxx.

“I won’t be leaving him alone in a vehicle again. That’s for sure!”