Guelph Transit officials say regular service resuming after driver shortage

Officials believe Monday’s unexpected delays on Guelph Transit routes were just a one-time event.

“The number of bus delays and cancellations we experienced (on Monday) is not typical for Guelph Transit,” said Courtney McDonald, Manager of Transit Business Service in an email to CJOY and Global News. “Guelph Transit experienced four times as many sick calls from bus drivers when compared to an average day.”

The shortage of drivers resulted in bus delays and route cancellations.

Guelph Transit went to social media to inform riders to expect delays due to staffing issues.

McDonald said regular service is expected to fully resume on Tuesday but that management has a plan in place in the event more drivers call in sick.

The driver shortage impacted those who had planned on taking the bus to voting stations in Monday’s municipal election.

Mayor Cam Guthrie commented on the situation moments after winning his third straight election.

Guthrie said he learned about the staff shortages and ensuing delays through the media.

“I don’t know what happened there,” said Guthrie. “I’m sure management will be taking a look into that.”

Guthrie added that he is considering bringing up the idea of offering free rides on Guelph Transit on election day in order to get more people to vote.

The turnout for Monday’s election was just under 28 per cent.