How Indians can immigrate to Canada as a truck driver. Truck tycoon Jass Dhillon shares some tips

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants, especially among North India Indians. As per the official data, nearly 100,000 Indians became permanent residents of Canada in 2021 as the country admitted a record 405,000 new immigrants. In addition, Canada welcomed nearly 450,000 international students last year, with Indians comprising almost 50 per cent of this total.

Canada is the world’s second-largest country with an area of about 10 million square km and with an average salary of $55,000 to $70,000 per year, it’s not hard to imagine why Truck driving is such an attractive profession in Canada.

“With the opening up of the economy post pandemic, Canada is experiencing high demand for truckers recently,” Canadian truck business tycoon Jass Dhillon said.

According to official statistics, the current vacancy rate in truck transportation is around 8 percent. Currently, as many as 55,600 vacancies for truck drivers are up for grabs across Canada .

Dhillon said this could be a good opportunity for Indians to immigrate to Canada as a truck drivers. He said that the profession gives you a good earning, freedom and good work conditions. Dhillon also said that a large number of Indians are already working in the industry. For instance, in British Columbia, almost the whole trucking industry is owned by Indians.

Dhillion said he himself encouraged many Indians to take up truck driver job in Canada. “There is nothing more satisfying than extending help to the youth struggling to settle in a foreign country,” he added.

Sharing his inspiring story as a truck industry entrepreneur, Dhillon said he came to Canada from Ludhiana in 2012 to follow his dreams. He said he started his journey with a single truck in 2015 but presently his $50-million company, Highway Motor Freight, has 110 trucks and 200 employees.

Sharing some tips for truck job aspirants in Canada, Dhillon said that one should make sure to have an international driving licence of a heavy-duty class. People can also apply the non-express entry route under Provincial Nomination Programe (PNP). Several Provinces offer recruitment for drivers.

Requirements for truck drivers in Canada can vary depending on the province, so job aspirants should carefully review all the requirements of a particular state. Common eligibility include secondary school certificate, demonstration of required driving skills, and licence for driving heavy vehicles.

Dhillon also revealed that in encouraging news for Indian immigrants, Canada has recently announced that truck drivers will soon be eligible for participation in Express Entry with the implementation of the new NOC codes.

The new NOC codes will take effect on November 16th, and will include a code for transport truck drivers. The new system will now change the occupation class from semi-skilled to skilled.